PA compliance - got you down

Meet me at the NACHI Berks County Chapter meeting on July 29th. Wait till you see what we have coming up.

For anyone concerned about the Pennsylvania Compliance this meeting should be your hot priority.

Go to for directions and reservations. Time is short, register now.

This is going to be big.


I don’t think I can make it to your chapter meeting being im from western PA, but could you send me some of the info on Pennsylvania compliance laws?

Anything would be Appreciated.

PA is as simple as it gets. You have to be a full member of an association (which means EVERY Inspector in PA has to join NACHI from inspection number 101 to inspection 250 by law)… and buy $500,000.00 worth of e&o

Aw come on John. I’m traveling from Southern NY State to get there. :smiley:

When we get everything together, I will make it a point to get information to you. If you want to just read the law go to Pennsylvania Law pdf.

Thanks for your interest.

John B.

Sounds Great.

Let me know where I can Help.

Absolutely… Thanks Joe.

What a great association ,questions many are instantly helping ,need assistance and there it is .
Information ,ideas ,thoughts , it just keeps on comming ,got to love this group one word covers it (Fantastic ) .
Wish you all the best at this meeting .
Roy Cooke sr.

I am unable to make it to the meeting tomorrow. Are you planning on putting together any material that comes out of the meeting. That would be very helpful

Thank you

I will give it my best effort. I’ll be on the road a bit, so bear with me.

Then John is coming to NH at the end of the week,
John thanks for all that you do to help this organization
and its members!!