Pa. to license home inspectors

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The House ofRepresentatives has passed legislation that would require home inspectors to belicensed by the state.
House Bill 1001 would establish statewide standards for theprofession and the home inspection report.
Rep. Sue Helm (R-Dauphin/Lebanon), the bill’ssponsor, said if a home inspector fails to report an issue to a homeowner orprospective homeowner, currently there is little or no recourse available.
“The purchase of a home can quickly turn intoa nightmare if the inspection is not conducted completely or properly,” Helmsaid in a statement. “Not reporting vital information can lead to costlyrepairs, health issues and burdens that no homebuyer should have to bare. Mybill would end those concerns.”
The measure would create the HomeInspector Licensing Board within the Department of Labor and Industry.
Licensee applicants would have tocomplete board-approved training consisting of at least 120 hours of classroominstruction and 75 mentored home inspections under the direct supervision of ahome inspector. They also would have to pass a board-approved test.
Home inspectors would have to carryliability insurance of at least $250,000 and complete 32 hours of continuingeducation for the biennial renewal of their license.
The bill is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

That’s interesting to see the requirement of 75 mentored inspections.

I expect Ontario Home Inspectors will soon see what their regulations will be .

Roy - There’s still much, much work that needs to be done in Ontario before the first licenses are issued. The framework appears that it will be mostly on what findings were provided in the MGCS Committee Report. Even that may see some tweaking…

I also hear that it will likely be another year before more details are released. The first priority would be the establishment of the DAA, which likely will be government appointees and admin people. After that I truly hope that they look to the sector for those knowledgeable enough to help lay the groundwork to attain a license.

One fear is affordability of this self-funded model. Now in BC inspectors are up in arms over the proposed increase in cost of a license, and claims of not enough support services for home inspectors. This is based on a recent letter I have seen by a H.I. member from HIABC.

So not all seems well when the word “licensing” appears.

Thanks Claude I agree . I have the BC letter and if I get time will post it .

I suspect much was not discussed during pre legislation hearings.
IE: 1: Legislated REA referral separation. 2: Educator licensing. 3: Monitoring boards. 4: Total Costs incurred. 5: Subsidization programs. to name a few.

To me it appears to be extreme vetting.
BBB statistics would be a reasonable start.

As for the builders, because that is whose work is being inspected, do the same rules apply? The BBB has much data to back up consumer complaints I suspect.

IMO, It appears some congress men or women had some insurance company lobbying money placed in the right senators ear.