packaged gas unit

On a properly installed and operating gas pack with the heat mode operating, will you read/measure any carbon monoxide at the exhaust port on the unit using a typical CO tester?

I do not own a CO tester Bruce, but if the tester you own tests in the low ppm (parts per million) levels I would think you should get a reading.

I get a high reading even holding it up 3 feet above the port.

I have a gas shop-type heater that shoots flames out 6 inches into a metal can that reads zero CO above it so I am thinking that CO is not a always present with gas burning applicances unless the burn pattern is disrupted.


I am not clear where you are taking the reading. Is this a flue stack reading?

I have a non-vented wall hung heater in my kitchen for supplemental heat and it reads “zero” on both of my CO meters. no matter where I hold the probe.

Heck CO is just always in the air here.

That’s cause your downwind of CA.:stuck_out_tongue:

Added for accuracy so as not to confuse others:-)

Part of the use of a CO meter is to take a reading in an outside area that is not close to any known sources of CO such a traffic.
This provides a “zero” point calibration.
The other way would be to have a can on “zero” gas like I used when I calibrated lab instrumentation.

Could you see the flame on the gas pack? Was it blue or yellow?

I did not open it due to it being 14 yrs and the flames sounded like they were getting blown around in there. I bet it is a rust bucket inside.

If you are talking the exhaust port as at the exterior of the unit the answer is most Definitely yes.

I can pick up .03 in a kitchen from a gas cook stove or a .07 from my Cigarette if I get to close:mrgreen: If I don’t brush my teeth my breath will set it off:)