Paint/plaster in panel

And where were you? :sweat_smile:

I was sitting that one out!

Doofy the painter fails to mask off the panel when spraying paint means they get to buy a new panel, there is no code sanctioned way to clean the paint off. Laziness and stupidity can get costly.

when it comes to the final electrical inspection that would be an automatic panel replacement here…


It is sad. The builder knows better but will try to shove it down a buyer’s throat.

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it would never get that far in my town the electrical inspector don’t play…

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Probably the AHJ inspector never walked in that garage & signed off on it.
There’s a reason you cannot sue AHJ’s in this state!

Definitely would call it out. I did an inspection of a million plus dollar home that had been totally renovated. The panel was covered in paint. So bad that many of the grounds were totally covered. I called it out citing the same section. The realtor was fairly new to me. Had done a couple for him before. He was not happy, said the contractor said no big deal. After that one haven’t heard from him again. Oh well. His loss!


Congrats. You’re in the “he finds too much” category.

circuit breaker panel paint contaminaton2

circuit breaker panel paint contaminaton1