Quick question about painting the electrical panel cover

I know you can paint the electrical panel cover and you must cover the labels and stickers to prevent over spraying it which would be a violation. My question is that is it ok to paint the electrical panel cover both front and backside? Even though no one will ever see the backside of the electrical panel cover when put back on, I would like to know if it OK to paint the cover completely( both front and back side) when i remove the panel cover from the panel itself. Or is that considered internal once installed back on?

“Internal parts of electrical equipment, including busbars, wiring terminals, insulators, and other surface, shall not be damaged or contaminated by foreign materials such as paint, plaster, cleaners, abrasives, or corrosive residues. There shall be no damaged parts that may adversely affect safe operation or mechanical strength of the equipment such as parts that are broken; bent; cut; or deteriorated by corrosion, chemical action, or overheating.”

Painting the inside of the cover (while I don’t understand why it would be done) would violate neither (IMO) the panel listing nor the NEC rule.

I could only think of one reason why someone would paint the door, and that would be from smoke damage.

I don’t know of any panel cover that isn’t already painted by the manufacturer. As long as there is a proper legend and any manufacturer information is not covered with paint, no problem.

If I had a panel on an open wall it would be nice to have it the same colour as the wall.

I saw it done very frequently.

I’ve seen about a 20 here, like Roy said seems homeowners like it to blend in. Only seen one where I called it out since over spray was on connections and legend