Painted in Electric panels?

As an inspector do you have a homeowner (if present) sign a waiver that allows you to remove the electric panel cover if it is heavily painted in when on an interior wall (like a hallway inside the house?) I have run into this twice in one week. In one case the homeowner said ok ( i wrote it on my agreement) and one said, “I paid $$$$ to get this painted. I would rather you did not.” To me that meant no so I made note of it on my report as well as a declarative statement that the inspector did not remove…yadda yadda…due to…yadda yadda. You get the idea.

I don’t remember a discussion on this during electrical “lessons” in the training.

TIA for your responses. Just trying to cover my assets. BTW these inspections were requested by an Insurance company as 4 Point during policy negotiations (renewal).

Opening the panel box is a major part of the inspection so little will stop me from doing so.
I carry a knife to cut through paint layers.
The seller is almost never present so I can’t ask them.

I did have one recently where they caulked the dead front to the wall.
And I mean heavily caulked.

I said have them get that crap off and then call a Sparky to evaluate
or they can pay me to come back.

The buyer, agent and I were all going, “What they hell were they thinking?” :roll:

The state FL-SOP says you are not required to remove the cover if not readily accessible or unsafe. The insurance company may require it anyway, but that would be a reinspection fee when rendered accessible by others. I have asked permission to do this, but only from the current owner or rep.

Sharp knife helps with the mess.

You break it … You buy it.

When we see one like this, we simply say … NOT ACCESSIBLE and explain why. We’re happy to go back for more $$$$$ when owner removes it,

I love it to comeback too at the same price but on 4 points where the owner is my client I offer to do it if they give me verbal consent. Sure I may get screwed ONCE but not twice.