Learn from my mistakes with Removing panel covers.

Use extreme care when removing painted over covers.
This panel was painted over many times.
I scored around it with a knife.
I did not notice a “patch” that had been applied to the bottom left corner.(see attachment)
After scoring with knife I removed the cover.
Taking with the panel a chunk of the patch with it.(see attachment)

I still remove covers if they are safe to do so (no standing water etc.) But I make damn sure not to damage anything in the process. Learn from my f ups.

Robert, don’t feel bad, there was not much you could do in that situation…:cool:

Ouch. That sucks. Glad I don’t have to remove painted covers here. You were trying to do the right thing.

I have had a few where they smoothed it into the wall like that .
Best to let them know the wall will get damaged ahead of time if you catch it of course.

Recommendation for inspectors is to get what is referred to as a B knife.If you can not find one in a store talk to your phone guy.


You did not F up.

Whomever painted it F up.

Looks like an older panel, did you find any issues, other than the paint.

I get so many panels that are painted and even drywall compound, it takes time to get the screws and panel un bonded from the wall/cover.

I also love the attic knee wall and bath access covers were the use excessively large screws, to many and then they paint.

And then you hear, what is taking so long!!

You did your job!!

I always carry a razor knife for just that reason. Cut the cover away from the wall. But I learned that the hard way too.

Feel lucky your knife didn’t find a hidden wire in the mud.

why is that a mistake. The wall can be fixed. An electrician would do the same thing if he had to get into that box. If there is a chance the wall will get ruined I always ask the seller before taking the box off. Twice in nine years they have requested that I do not remove the cover.

Why is that a mistake? Because I left the house in worst shape then when I arrived.

You’re forgetting about the inspector who has convinced himself that he can plug the drain to the shower and fill it in order to test the pan, send water to the ceiling of the finished area below the shower, and simply walk away reporting that it “failed under test”. :wink: