Painting foundations

What does everyone think about painting foundations. The home I just inspected went ahead and used the same texture and finish they were using for the stucco and applied it to the foundation to match. Is this an issue? The only thing I can think of is that it may absorb water easier.

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Paint is generally intended to seal to a point so why would painting the foundation make you think it would absorb water?

Pretty much a waste of paint, it is going to fall off quickly from the concrete absorbing moisture.

Just the same way it comes off the concrete floor in the basement when you paint it. Same difference.

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You may want to reset your camera clock unless this was a moonlight inspection.

All depends on cleaning, surface prep, and primer like any other paint job. I’ve seen properly installed finish applied that is still OK after 10-15 years. Average for a good exterior finish around here.

I don’t believe moisture is going to be the biggest deteriorating factor in your neck of the woods.

Sorry, I would’ve responded sooner, but I was having technical difficulties. The reason for my concern is that is was poor workmanship all around the house. Very poor as in trusses missing, no weep screed, doors installed backward, no ventilation for the attic, period, none. Anyway, the “paint” used on the foundation is the same finish coat used on the stucco. It is quite rough and spotty and I thought that the rough texture would only help to absorb moisture into the foundation. It’s probably not even an approved material to use on a foundation. It’s just that I never seen it before like that so I figured I’d ask people who might know.

It is, and it does. Around here.

Even on the multimillion dollar homes, they paint and/or stucco the foundation, and it looks like carp a year later, at which point the homeowner gets upset at the home inspector for not telling them that such will be the case. I have just a standard little section that I insert in my Interactive Report System that warns them about what happens (in San Diego County) when the foundation has been painted/stuccoed.

Well, if this is a slab on grade foundation,than you might want it to have a little moisture at the edges.Still,I think your concern is the fact of the other issues of poor workmanship…what could the contractor be trying to conceal by the textured surface…ie exposed rebar,beam steel, or cold pour joints.Other than that ,I don’t think you have any other concerns.

I think the only concerns would be the maintenance required for the coating and the possibility of trying to use a coating to cover up potential defects (like severe surface scaling).