Anyone using Palm-Tech? Comments? Thanks!

Only comment I have is…its called Palm tech but you can’t use it on a Palm machine. The name could cause a bit of confusion. I looked into it but went with Uplinx which is for a Palm.

I have used Palm-Tech for over a year now, and use it with a Dell Axim PDA. No problems with it. A new updated version is coming out that will allow users more flexibility with report setup, and many other options. I bought the new version before release, but ut hasn’t been shipped yet. I have a good friend that has been a home inspector for about 6 years, and he has used it the whole time. I beleive though, that no matter what software you choose, there may be some things you like and don’t like. I have no complaints about it, and I think this new version will make things even better. If you want to know more about the new version, Jim at Palm-Tech is always good to talk to.

Perhaps the only HI software that prints directly from PDA to printer .

I have a Demo version here that the company sent me it looks pretty good haven’t had much time to play around with it but it seems pretty easy

I have been using it for a while this is the second software that I have used. I have looked into many others and Palm Tech with the new version coming soon is what works for me. Whatever software you choose should be something that fits your style of inspecting.

I have been using PAlm Tech and it has done wonders for my report…It costs a little bit but the format is very professional and easy to read. It also allows you to edit the report for the specific house or property your doing. Get back to me if you have any more questions

Does anyone have copies of their reports for review? Just wanting to see how set-up is. Thanks

I’ve got a sample inspection on my website if you’d like to take a look. I’ve used palmtech for a little over a year now, and I’m very pleased. I’m tweaking the library as I need to, but that’s easy to do.

I believe that is the reporting system that some realtors were talking about… " we can’t tell what is wrong with a house from some reports"

I wonder if they like that… I don’t

But it could be that the inspector does not have any comments in it, just uses the check marks to show a problem and no explanantion.

I was referred to Palm-Tech and have used it for the last year and have no complaints at all. It has been very effective. The Realtors that I deal with love the reporting since it lists and defects on the last pages and it is easy to review those items. You will have to build a library of comments which is easy. I just convert to PDF and email the report to the client that night or first thing in the morning. Nothing but positive comments.

I bought the Palm Tech software and have used it for about a year. I the reports are kinda clunky and some realtors have said it is a little confusing to read. It feels like the program may have been written 10+ years ago and it hasn’t kept up with the new technology. I have had to spend alot of time tweaking it to work better for me but i still don’t think it works good enough justify such a high price. I paid $900+ for the software and was just told that to upgrade from version 6.5 to 7 would be $299, which adds the ability to email directly from my tablet. I thought it should have been able to do that in the first place. It is the most awkward app that i use. With the other issues that this software has I am going to look around at other programs before I drop another $300 on it.

This thread is 9 years old my friend. If your looking for software that works, look into homegauge or home inspector pro.

Ryan, check out Easy Inspect. It is a fully functional, self contained Android tablet home inspection software. You can even use a larger smart phone like a Samsung Note 3 or 4. Free fully functional demo version is available for download. Follow the videos, review the sample forms (performed by one of our customers), test it out for free. Kenton Shepard’s InterNACHI narratives are also available for our software.

Our customers say Easy Inspect saves 1-2 hours a day from their previous software.

Easy Inspect is designed for residential home inspectors primarily.