Palm-Tech Software

(Herb W. Gaskin) #1

What is your opinion of Palm-Tech software--pro or con--:cool:
Whats up with Palm- Tech--I thought ever one had a opinion.

(Jeffrey R. Knight) #2

Depends upon what you are trying to accomplish with the software.

(Gary Schering, II) #3

I have been using PalmTech for 5yrs. Once you develope your notes and descriptions you want, it is very user friendly. There support is good also. The other positive thing is, they are located in my area. :)

(Jonathan T. Hittle) #4

I had palm tech for a year. Horrible service, I never could get answers on anything. It was ok for reports but once I used Home Gauge I realized what I was missing. Home Gauge is great! I have heard Inspector pro is great as well. Try the free demos. call and ask questions and of course check the prices.

(Herb W. Gaskin) #5

Hey guys--thank for the response. I will take the advice

(Rick K. Kie, NYS UID#16000019351) #6

I have used Palm-Tech for two years and love it!!!!!!

(Jeffrey R. Knight) #7

I should clarify my question more I guess.

1) Are you looking for it to run on a PDA so you can collect the inspection data AS you do your inspection ?

2) Are you looking for it to be able to print the full report or summary right from the handheld if you choose to ?

3) Are you looking for it to tag pictures as you take them so the pictures are automatically included in the report without ANY dragging and dropping ?

4) Are you looking for it to create the report to as a Word document that can then be easily edited on a PC without any proprietary word processor built in ?

5) Are you looking for it to be completely customizable to modify all of the comments, categories, steps, ratings etc. ?

(Joseph Burkeson, CMI) #8

I have been a very satisfied Palm-Tech since 2002 and would use no other software. PM me if you have any questions I have created many forms for a myriad of different inspections including home inspections, commercial, wind mitigation, four-point, mold, new construction phase inspections, warranty inspections.

Good luck with your search but you won't go wrong choosing Palm-Tech.

(Ed Bancroft) #9

I have used Palm-tech since 2005. Its user friendly and customer service is excellent judging from 3 calls in 4 years. Everyone I spoke to was more than helpful.

Just a reminder to all software users, make sure you have a back up of your library or you will be stuck recreating all descriptions if your computer craps out like mine did.

ps Dom at homeinspectorpro is also very helpful

(Erol Kartal) #10

Palm Tech narrative reports are excellent. Looks like a professionally written letter which is a big hit with lenders and attorneys.

(Dylan Armstrong) #11

Hi there. Just adopted palm tech as my company uses it. How do you do your wind mit reporting with the app? These guys are using a separate camera and doing them at home.