panel inside garage...why? pic included

main panel outside looked normal, 100 amps.

Then I see this sub-panel on inside of garage. Why and

what reason ?

That looks like a Gentran transfer switch. It would have a power cord from a generator plugged into it during a power failure to power the circuits controlled from this panel.

Not a sub panel. A transfer switch required for home generator power back-up. Keeps from sending current back down the power lines and electrocuting the workers.

If you go back outside you’ll see a 240 plug on the wall. When power goes “OUT”. The first thing a homeowner will do is shut down the main SE that feeds the home (main electrical panel). Then you plug your generator into this outlet and start up the generator. You then go inside to this panel and turn “ON” the circuits that are needed while the power is “OUT”

This generator simply allows a homeowner to simply back feed electricity to the circuits that they are wired to.


I believe on those that the flanged inlet is on the lower right near the ampmeter. Ampmeter is the rectangle on the lower left.

Thanks everybody for the feed-back