Electrical panel with no main shut off

I did an inspection today where the sub panel had no main shut off and the homeowner said that it did not need one because there was a whole house generator connected and the transfer switch panel served as the main shut off, is this correct, I cannot find anything online.

anytime there is a generator involved I recommend a qualified electrician to verify a safe installation and proper operation to the buyer. That is above our pay grade as home inspectors. IMHO


Thanks, I was just curious if the sub panel still needed a main, He said that his electrician said it was good and that is how it is done, thanks again Jim

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By the way I rarely accept the second hand word of the sellers contractor…just sayin…


I agree with you because he had a room built on and there was some doubt about the framing of supports but his contractor was the best around according to him

I’m sure He was

Was this sub-panel in a separate structure?

No it was in the main structure

First a sub-panel does not require a “main” shut-off. But there must be a service disconnect (Main) somewhere Before the sub-panel that would shut off all power to the property.

If there is a service disconnect between the meter and the transfer switch panel that would shut off All power to the property that should meet the service disconnect requirement.

Do you have a photo of the transfer switch panel?


As Christopher suggested some photo’s would be helpful. A sub-panel within the same structure that is fed with a feeder only requires an OCPD at the origin of the feeder, but with the generator you’ve mentioned this set up may be more complex than that.

Looks like automatic transfer switch. The 200 amp breaker is the main breaker that feeds the subpanel. The switch transfers load from utility to generator. This switch is fed directly from the meter. Do you have zoomed out pics of the entire setup? where was the switch you posted a pic of located in relationship to the meter?


yes, that is exactly what that is. This has nothing to do with the main service panel shutoff.

Les, I’m not sure what that means? Looks like a service rated ATS which would be the service disconnect.

Yes, that is what I have on my house as the service disconnect.

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Well I was trying to agree with Simon, but what I said was incorrect.

Yes this is what I have on my house also Larry.

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If we could get the full information contained on this label, it would/should tell us what we need to know. image

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Check with your AHJ. Here a disconnect would have to be within sight of the panel.

Where is here? Do you have local amendments to the NEC?