Panel Screw Specs

I wanted to buy some extra panel screws for when they are missing. My electrical supply store doesn’t carry them and said to go to Home Depot.
Does anyone know the specs on these screws? Are they all the same?

No, they are not the same. In fact, they will vary quite considerably by manufacturers and by age.

Start by matching the ones in your own home. I always seem to find “extra” screws inside the panel boxes or in areas where modifications have been made.

I just forget to put some back in.:wink:

Just kidding folks.

… and then there’s that option :smiley:

Yup, they’re different. Some Sq D screws have a double thread.

I’m with Jeff. I find extra screws inside panels frequently. Then I keep them on a magnet stick in my tool bag and they are always handy!

Home Depot sells Cutler Hammer panel screws.

Thanks all.

Of course, you can always use drywall screws…:D…

screw 2 copy.JPG

screw 4 copy.JPG

In the second picture , it looks like a bundle of grounding conductors . Am I right ? :shock::smiley:

Great pics Bill. Can I use them to show the potential issues to my clients who think drywall screws are no big deal?

Do you mean that big group of small a bare condcutors in the first photo?

Looks like the drywall screw ground fault may have happened even with the proper screws given the way that those conductors were (or weren’t) shaped into the panel.

I imagine if you email’d a number of the manu’s they would likely mail you some or direct you where to get 'em.

Sure John :slight_smile:

I spent a few hours one day and called all the panel manufacturers I could think of, square D, cutler hammer, crouse hinds, etc. Spoke to customer service and ordered 2 dozen from each. Some sent them free, and some made me pay a small amount. But I have a pretty decent supply now.
Also as Buck mentioned, Home Depot, Lowes etc. or any electrical supply house will have some.