Wrong screws on panel front

This is why you shouldn’t use sheet metal screws to secure the panel front.
Close call.


Nice picture. . .

Found one of the same myself today. Hadn’t pierced the conductor yet, I didn’t put it back either!

That’s scary.

I have only had one panel light up on me. Put a HUGE hole in the panel dead front and knocked the power out, boy were the owners PO’d at me. Glad I had pulled out the other screws first and had proof that it was the WRONG screws in it in the first place. And when opened it clearly showed the screw had pierced the insulation on one of the main feeds. Screw end was still in the insulation.
Oh yea, ruined a great Snapon Ratcheting screw driver. Glad that had a warranty on it.
I ALWAYS use ONE hand on panels now.

May I use that pic? It is the perfect example of why this is so bad.


I’d like to use that pic on my site if I may?


I would also like permission to use the image for my seminar program....please let me know as that is a GREAT example to use.

Could you send me a copy of that picture? i would love to post it on my web site. I will give you full credit. aubtigfan@aol.com

WOW. This is a popular pic.

John, yes, I’ll send you the pic later this evening. Everyone else, help yourself and use the picture anyway you want.

Thanks, Ken, but could you hold off on sending it to John as I’ve applied for a copyright of it. :mrgreen:

I save the regular blunt panel cover screws from panel tear-outs in a jar on the truck. People are often missing a few, or they’ve substituted sheet metal screws. The one’s I save are freebies that I’ll substitute when people have the wrong one’s in, because it might save some heartache down the road. Nice picture.

You all use a voltage indicator before even touching or opening the exterior of a panel, right?
You all use at least safety glasses to protect against arc flash when working around panels, right?
You all use insulated screwdrivers when removing the dead front right?
You all use one hand when removing the screws, right?
You all have proper footwear when working around panels, right?

The picture from the OP is a good lesson. Hey inspectors! Don’t get complacent/lazy. Keep your wits about you and stay safe. In addition to the above, I’ve often thought about using electricians gloves for the last couple turns of the screw, when you twist it with your finger to prevent if from falling into the bushes below. I haven’t gone to that extreme but it’s probably a good idea.

This thread started in 07 !
Talking about resurrecting the dead .

Still good information to remind us to keep safety at the forefront. There has been many new members since '07 :slight_smile:

My wife tries that every Saturday night! :shock: