Party over for 2019?

Is the party over???

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looks like it

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For you it is haha

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they usually announce when it is over and have not done so yet.

I think I won some micro testers was trying to check in in between inspections today but not much luck

Staff probably taking a dinner break

The party has moved over to the field behind the hardware store. Someone said there is a keg there.


I am always down with an alley Keg haha

I’ll bring my Camaro and my boom box

Not in my mind. It’s Party All the Time!!!

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Wondered the same

YEP it’s over good night folks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :sunglasses:

I just got home an hour ago, they really need to do this on a Saturday or evenings when everyone can join in.

Dave Fetty
Bonita Springs Florida 34135
Merry Christmas everyone!
Thank you Nick and Staff for all y’all do!
And Happy NEW YEAR too!

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Dave Fetty
Bonita Springs FL 34135
Merry Christmas everyone! XYZ ABC

I’ve been working all day, just got on here