What day do you all want to have the online Christmas party?

Not the 24th of course.


Why not the weekend, so those of us who work don’t miss out.
Why not this Sunday!!!
Then we won’t have to worry about some of our more Religious NFE posters getting all the goods. :stuck_out_tongue:
They will be in church spreading the good word…:smiley:

LOL, you’re too much. LOL

12-20-11 Sounds Good.

not this sunday I’ve got the kids guitar recital (woohoo), studying for two more exams, and then bag of bones is on, first decent thing in years on the tv! What about next sunday the 18th. Will be done all exams by then so free to relax.

Sunday is terrible as many Inspectors work that day or are busy watching the NFL,family,church,etc.
Working this Sunday myself as gifts are not cheap.lol

The reason I said Tuesday is because of the fact that Monday jobs from weekend buyers can be done and it is easy to push jobs to Wednesday or Thursday.:slight_smile:

Hey right now Im a SAHM so everyday is good for me, LOL, tuesdays a good day any week the kids are at school. Just not this tuesday, lots of studying…

I am shutting down the 20th
visiting a friend for christmas in daytona beach… (23 to 26, 27, 28…)
spending the new year in Lauderdale with Family…
be back the 3rd or 13th of January…

David O’Keefe
Delmar, NY
Did I win!!:D:D

Sunday sounds good…fun relaxing…Jesus will understand

Notice so far it is those with no NFL Football that want a Sunday.:slight_smile:

Any day is good with me, I love a good party with friends…:cool:




Most inspectors do not work on Sundays (I work 7/365 as needed).

Having the ‘party’ on Sunday would allow for the most members to attend without interferring with a workday. It would be the members choice how they intend to spend their day-at-rest.

Just seems the fairest to me.

12-20-11 works for me as well. Bob is correct.:slight_smile:

12-20-11 works great!:mrgreen:


What is the proposed time for the online party? Inquiring minds want to know.

No set time… all day… typically late morning through early evening. (Varies with time zone)! :wink:

Thanks Jeff.
Then it does not matter what day, and more than likely might be agreeable to most exhaustive of schedules expected. However a vote of confidence could be sought with another date to accommodate all members.