Pasco County, FL Permit Web Site, Bad Information from

I am Ludwig Maxwell, the President of the Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI and would like to provide some help to other Home Inspectors in my area.

I was just advised that the Pasco County, FL building department/permit web site has a glitch in their system pertaining to the data and dates of the permit information not being correct. I recommend that ALL Home Inspectors working in this County do their diligent in doing their research before supplying Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection reports to anyone.

Ludwig Maxwell
President of Tampa Bay Chapter of InterNACHI

So, what is the actual glitch, and where did you hear this from?

Supposedly the glitch involves the Permit dates as being inaccurate.

How was this determined, and is the county aware of this? I use Pasco quite a bit.

I called the Permitting Dept…they are aware of the problem, don’t know when/if it will be corrected and invited me to call whenever I need info.