Information for inspectors in the Orlando area

If you are doing Wind Mits in the Orlando area, good luck getting roof permit information on homes in Orange County. They just upgraded their system last week end and it is totally screwed up.

On one home I made a copy of the permit information on Friday (before the system went down) and looked again on Monday after it was “upgraded”. The permit was no longer showing up on the system.

I ended up in contact with a previous customer who happens to be involved with the upgrade and tried to explain the problem to her. She couldn’t believe it when she pulled up the information and read off the permits listed. I then gave her the permit number that I had found on Friday and she went into the county side of the system and it was there.

I also spoke to her today about another home I did an inspection on and on the system there was only the original construction permit from 1984. When she checked her system she found 8 permits.

At least I was able to convince them that there is a problem. She is insisting that they are working to try to find out why all the permits are not showing up on the public system.

Hopefully they will get it corrected soon but in the mean time, if your customer says that there was a permit but you can’t find a record of it, don’t automatically assume that the customer is wrong.

We have so many homes without permits it ain’t funny. After hurricane Charley it was a free for all.

Thank you Sir for the intel.

thanks robert

Thank you Robert.