Passed my exams! Now it’s business time!

Passed my exams first time yesterday! I read so much negative stuff and the pass rate is so bad that I kept thinking this thing is about to get hard. I was really worried going in, Maybe because I worked hard studying, paid attention during the few classes AHIT gave me, knew I didn’t know everything, and worked hard to understand the how’s and why’s. But I thought the test was rather easy and the Texas exam even easier. Not to take anything away from those who struggle.

Really looking forward to moving forward … I got lots of questions so you guys will be hearing from me as I plan on being a part of the community of inspectors in DFW… are there meetings in DFW for inspectors.

I have been reading the boards a lot and learning what I can, just been lurking so far. This is my first post.

Insurance references would be great, I’m wanting to get that done pretty quick.

Website is designed for the most part just waiting to add my trec number same for cards etc…

Trying to be realistic and knowing that this time of year can be tough in the realty business. So looking forward to making lots of contacts working on getting the word out to my numerous friends contacts and my own network working on all the different aspects of the business.

So is the real estate office visit overrated these days? I know it can’t hurt…

I would love to work from southeast DFW to the Cedar Creek area… is it a good idea to have a plan and direct my attention to an area in an area as big as DFW or am I kidding my self …of course I’ll take anything anywhere at this point.

I could use a good mentor in DFW and have called a few but with not much luck so any ideas there would be great.

Just prepare for lots more questions from me and feel to contact me anytime.

Now… let’s get some inspections!

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Hi! Fellow AHIT alumnus here. I would say your success speaks well of your study skills and resourcefulness in finding information for yourself. I was not terribly impressed with the course as a whole.

Office visits are one of many ways to get the attention of Realtors. It’s a numbers game that doesn’t pay off too well at the beginning, but if you are fortunate and your presentation skills are good, you will meet a well-connected agent who will refer you to his/her associates, and you will be asked to do more.

If you have not already, I would encourage you to join TPREIA, then find and join your local chapter. Go to the monthly meetings and ask some of the more seasoned inspectors if they will let you ride along. A lot easier to get a “yes” when you’re face-to-face.

Congrats on passing Jerald! I recently passed as well and I’m also researching for my own start up. I’ve learned a lot of useful stuff from these forums so far so you’re on the right path. Anyways, I don’t have much to offer like the seasoned guys here, but I’d love to talk some and share suggestions as we start up our businesses together. Feel free to reach out to me here on the forums if you wanna chat!


It was a pleasure meeting you today. Nice to have some company and exchange ideas. I’ll let you know the next time I have a good opportunity for shadowing.

Thank you Bruce for the opportunity to join you…it as a simple inspection but you gave me a ton of invaluable insight. Looking forward for future inspections.