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I recently passed my licensing exams in Texas and plan to start my own business. I was wondering if there were any inspectors in the DFW metroplex area that would be kind enough to allow me to join them on one of their inspections to shadow. Thanks for your help.

If you want a real chance of connecting and getting ‘good’ information, search for an inspector 100+ miles away. Take a few days and make the drive! Bring the missus and make a mini-romantic getaway out of it. You do the shadowing, she (he) goes shopping, nights together. Win-win!


Your Inspection ID has not yet populated the TREC database.

Finding someone to ride along with (especially in the same community … as Jeff noted) will be difficult. There may be some folks who do such, but in my 15+ years of these residential inspections I’ve not run across any and I’ve worked in both the Houston and D/FW markets.

Look up Don Stafford with Stafford Inspections. He is in Dallas and you can sign a contract with him and he will mentor you as the newbie HI that you are. Don has mentored a huge number of the D/FW inspectors. Don is one of the best/most respected inspectors not only in D/FW, but in the state as well.

Best wishes to you.

Thanks Nolan. I passed the national exam on 9/2 and the state portion on 9/8. I believe it takes TREC up to 10 days to issue the license once you have passed. Hopefully sooner than later, ������. I appreciate the info, I will look don up.

Hi Phillip,

Give me a call on 972 832 3460

Mark Elliott
Yellow Hat Inspections

Well Phillip Moss just reading through here and hope it all worked out for you. I just got my license today. I guess that makes me a “newbie” also. BTW I am in Carrollton TX and just starting my own business also. Second Impression Home Inspection, PLLC. Would love to hear how things are working out for you.

Nolan Kienitz,
I was in Don Stafford, and Brian Murphy’s Summer class. (Real Estate Training Systems) good guys and I thank that they were a good combination of multi-inspector and lone wolf type perspective.

Well, looks like Phillip Moss is still not in the TREC system. :shock:

This is his data …

Call Mike Crow