Passing the reins...

For the past 6 years I have attended most all of the TREC Inspector Advisory Committee meetings and reported my observations and meeting notes on the INACHI message board as well as my personal company blog, ActiveRain and elsewhere. I have also held the semi-official title of INACHI Legislative Liaison for Texas (although Regulatory Affairs Representative might be more apropos).

I’ve decided it is time to pass the reins on to someone new now. I plan to devote more time and energy to maintaining my inspection business as well as doing a little traveling to visit my kids and grand-kids who are in separate parts of the country.

I recently posted my meeting notes from the 3/22/10 TREC Inspectors Summit at TAMU and that will be my last post on legislative and regulatory topics on the message board. There is a lot of work to do and great opportunities for INACHI-Texas in regards to the activities proposed at the summit. That initiative deserves your support.

If another INACHI-Texas inspector would like to take over this responsibility then just let me know and I can bring you up to speed and pass along my prior notes to you.

The only suggestion I have received so far is from a long time ASHI inspector in San Antonio that has a couple of inspectors that work for him that apparently belong to NACHI. I’m not sure if he really is a NACHI member or plans to join real quick. Clearly whoever takes over, especially on the Summit/Coalition activity, will be approved by Nick but it looks like it could very well be NACHI’s swan song as far as a voice at TREC goes.

That would be Scott Emerson, a buddie of mine. I just got off the phone with him.

As for a “coalition,” InterNACHI already has a “coalition” of 350 inspectors. :smiley:

As for a “voice,” we have our own hotline to TREC. :wink:

OK, good deal…it’s done.

Good job, Mike.

Scott helped us launch many years ago.

Welcome, Scott.

Thank you Mike.

Thanks Mike.


Your attendance at TREC on behalf of INACHI was outstanding. Your departure is a loss not only to INACHI but to all Texas inspectors. Thank you for your service. I am buying you a steak on my next trip to Austin.


Thanks guys…the most important thing is that InterNACHI will continue to have a voice at TREC. I’m sure Scott will make sure InterNACHI takes a lead role in the effort to establish a singular inspector presence here in Texas by working with the other prominent associations.

Yeah, Scott is good at that. He’s a member of several associations and very diplomatic.

I’m horrible at stuff like that and avoid foreign entanglements.

Mike, I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the past few years as I had questions regarding the TREC regulations. Your assistance had been invaluable.

Thanks Mike for all of your hard work. Please come back and post from time to time.

Great Job Michael. I had no dog in the trec hunt but always enjoyed reading you meeting minutes/notes. Expect to see some grandkids pics and or fishing pics soon

Michael, Your leadership and commitment to provide a voice at the state level will be missed. In replacing you I will try my best to step up and work with other associations to bring one voice to Austin and TREC. I’m currently in Atlanta attending a conference with several large real estate inspection companies from cities across then United States and Canada. I will contact you the first part of next week. - Scott

Hi Scott and welcome. You’ve got some big shoes to fill with Mike’s absence but you seem to have the experience to handle the job. I widh you the best.

Okay now, that being said, first order of business is to convince the state that consumers need mandatory inspections on every real estate transaction.

Go get 'em Tiger! :smiley:

Mike, Although I am no longer in Texas, Austin in particular, I think you have done a great job. Have fun with your travels and enjoy those times while you can. If you ever get up this way give me a call so that we can meet up for dinner, and drinks if you are so inclined.

I agree. Not only was his work outstanding but it was exhaustive. I have also appreciated his candor and willingness to help me.

I told him 4 yrs ago that I would buy him dinner and haven’t done it yet. I need to get to Austin! :wink:

Thank you very much, Mike.


Thanks again guys. At the beginning of the year I had pretty much decided to slow things down a bit and move away from the politics of TREC and focus entirely on my business and do some traveling. Now that the new TREC Administrator Doug Oldmixon is shaking things up (for the better I might add) along with the new trade association coalition then there are great things in store for Texas inspectors. Maybe I’ve changed my mind just a little and will stay involved more than I thought a few weeks ago. Stay tuned for more :smiley: