Well it looks like I will be going to Canada after all. They have found my passport application ( which they lost ) and said I should have it in a WEEK.

Man…If I ran my business and consulting company like some areas of the government or IRS I would NEVER get anything done.

Will be my FIRST venture into Canada on March 1, 2007 and look forward to seeing some Canadians…:slight_smile:

Disclaimer - My reference to the IRS was for reference purposes only. This response does not condone an audit or any reactionary notices from the IRS or it’s associates. I LOVE the IRS…me love you long time.

For those who do not have or want a pass port at this time you can still drive to Canada with no difficulty.
It is a USA requirement for all air travelers going to the USA must have a pass port .
Buffalo New York is about a one hour drive to Toronto and Americans do not need a pass port to get into Canada or to get back into the USA by land.
Hope to get to meet you Paul I will be looking forward to it .

Between Canada and the USA is the longest undefended border in the world.

Roy Cooke

Most excellent Roy…I did not know that and to be honest with you I have DRAGGED my feet on the Passport thing until the end of last month and then I had a panic attack.

I look forward to the Canada visit…rumors are I will also be speaking at the Convention in Canada…but I can’t confirm that yet…I don’t control those things.

I hear Canada is very nice…but I also hear Hawaii is very nice also and I have not been there either…hmmmm…I digress…:slight_smile:

(Subliminal Hint : Hawaii…Hawaii…Hawaii…Directed at TOM…Tom…tom )

Anyway I look forward to it and thank goodness they found my application.

If they manage to do it in one week, I will be the first to eat my hat.

Get ready for those excuses :wink:

For people that hate paying taxes (yes I am British, Boston Tea Party), you guys sure put up with a bureaucracy that is nothing short of a nightmare. Very strange.

That passport for air travel only is for this year, next year they will require it for driving also.

Sounds like it will be at least two years and they now are talking about an identity card could be your drivers license if it has a bar code that can be read .
They are also talking about using the identity cards for air travel to .
Pass ports could cost both Countries a lot of money .
My best friends live in Florida and He will not get a pass port and I think there could be a lot of Americans who feel the same way .
The border cities on both side will be hurt big time if Pass ports are required .

Roy Cooke
Added later …Roy
Pass ports required as of now June 9th , 2009 subject to change … Roy
By Doug Struck
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, January 13, 2007; “An American family of two adults and two children would be required to pay at least $358 in fees for passports” and might decide against a vacation in, say, Niagara Falls, the tourism trade group said in written comments on the new rules.
An estimated 27 percent of U.S. citizens have passports, according to the State Department. In Canada, the rate is 40 percent. Critics have urged both countries to make their passports cheaper and easier to get. In Canada, an adult’s passport costs the equivalent of $75 U.S. and is good for five years. A U.S. adult passport, costing about $22 more, is good for 10 years.
U.S. officials are still trying to come up with a cheaper, plastic card that could be used instead of a passport. They have proposed a wallet-size version embedded with a miniature radio-frequency chip that could bring up computerized information on a visitor quickly at the border.
*Special correspondents Gabriela Martinez *

Two month wait if you want a Canadian one.

I have gotten a new passport in a couple of hours before. You can always pay someone to speed up the process. USA, what a great country.

I paid for the Expidited service…not the standard service so it cost me $ 60.00 more than the standard method.

Harder to do up here