Patio protection

Also in the rear patio section, they had the installation hardware set up on the inside of the patio, not the outside, is that okay?


This appears acceptable.

I would question it. I can’t believe they would put that track at the door threshold, if that is a door on the right. I have not seen any approvals or NOA’s that would allow the tracks on the inside of the opening. If somebody has verification that this is ok, then I will be corrected.

Yeah it is a screen metal patio door, they had the storm panels in the garage, but like I said they put the mounting tracks on the inside of the patio and not exterior.

Looks like a weekend warrior job. I would want to see a closed permit for that install, otherwise it would get a “N” from me.

Yeah it was done by a company, and permits pulled and closed

Ok, use the permit for verification, and select “A” then. The liability is on AHJ.

I’ve also run into that and as Brad has said use the fact you have permitting and AHJ approval to shift liability away from yourself.