Paul was here!!

Ahh…found the topic…here you go thomas

Quote from the MOD on that site :

The hole is for the gec, some inspectors call it out due to lack of training and reading other posts. I guess, apperantly) some ahj requires it as well.

Thx paul, was reading another thread here, and found a thread elsewhere


P.S. there seems to be a member named: **PAbernathy **who jumped in on the thread. I wonder who that is. :smiley:

Yep…thats the one I posted as well…make sure you read all 3 pages of the responses…:slight_smile:

Ok…Example of KO for GEC…Shown Below

Example of a WEEP hole within an enclosure- shown below

Also example of a tapcon being used. lol

good observation their Ben…Me simply LOVE’s them TAPCONS :slight_smile:

Not sure…but I HEAR he is a real A$$hole…probably true…:wink: