Wired as Sub Panel?

This panel appears to be wired as a sub panel. I did not locate any other disconnect. The original ground was not connected. Very neat wiring, but why separate the neutrals and grounds? Opinions appreciated. :slight_smile:








seperation is just workmanship, which is in short supply these days. Pic 3 shows that the neutrals are bonded.

Looks good to me.

Yes, see the upper greenish screw on the neutral buss? It is bonding that buss to the panelboard.


Thanks to all. Only thing missing is a grounding source. The grounding conducter was coiled above the panel.


Like the others have said, personal choice, pride and workmanship. Looks like one of my panels except for the GEC and the tyraps.

Pride in workmanship!!! Get that Sparkies name, and keep it on file. You may have need of his services someday.

this is the nices job i have seen in a long time this guy takes pride in his work

I do not even see any #14.Looks good.

We can call it a neat and job with Pride…However, if he(or she) has not finished what they have started and connect the GEC to the Grounding Electode(s) then he is NOT done and in my mind unprofessional. But in all fairness maybe they are not done yet…:wink:

So I will assume this is “NOT” a remote distribution panel for my comments.

Is the opening that the electrician is bringing the GEC into designed for that application?..potatoes…Potatos…probably does not matter for the overall scheme since I really can’t tell…:wink:

Come on Paul, you aren’t going to start about whether the 1/4" hole can be used for the GEC now are you? Or are you one of the ones that requires the Kenny clamp on the GEC?

lol…I said I was not going to comment on that…:wink:

Funny thing is…as a consultant to a larger manufacture of these types of products ( to go without naming )…they say only the hole provided by them for such a intent can be used. if that hole ( their reasoning ) was put into the equipment as part of their listing for the application then it is fine…:wink: and I dont disagee.

no…I have not seen any kenny clamps in Richmond, VA :wink:

I guess the question is Mr.Port…lol…is would you allow the contractor to bring his GEC through a mounting hole or if possible a weep hole?..Just because they can.

Seems I am not the only one. Somewhere I thought I saw something that said they could be used for the GEC. I will need to look.


or this one


I dont view any references from that site…dont care for the people…sorry…lol

per Eaton…the KO that is to be used for the GEC will be a KO that you knock out…not a hole without a plug in it. The small 1/4" hole in 100% of the cases has to be punched…

I was aware of your feeling for that site. However, the topic applied. That was the only reason to see some of the discussion.

I don’t understand the second part of your answer about the case needing to be punched. I normally install Square D and it is a 1/4" or so KO.

If you would like to continue this on the Guru site that is fine with me.

Are you positive the bond screw is touching the case???

Absolutely! I flew out to MD to verify it for John. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…Continue what…lol…I only install Cutler Hammer my friend and the ones i deal with have a KO for the GEC and it must be punched out for use. Any other opening in the enclosure is for either mounting or other function.

Sorry if you disagree…lol…I seem to be a source of that on MANY sites.