Pay Per View inspection reports... the future of home inspections?

My prediction: leads to seller inspections where the seller pays the NACHI member a base fee and then the NACHI member gets $9.95 (or something like that) every time it is downloaded and viewed.

Pay per view inspection reports.

Chris would likely have to ad a pop up “accept or decline” type window after a TBD period of time acknowledging the ‘perishable’ nature of a visual home inspection and the fact that the report is only a snapshot in time…

could work though…

Since your predictions are often more reliable than North Idaho’s weather reports, Nick, I’ll side with that bet.

Nick, I think this is a good idea, but I do not think the industry is ready for that just now.

I think once we get sellers to do an inspection and then have an open house where our reports get hand delivered to everyone who walks through the door the inspection industry can take it to the next level, which will be online similar to a MLS listing.


PS. This opinion is based on my area, other areas may be ahead of the curve.


This is a great idea. When do you think we will be able to use it. So many homes so little time.:mrgreen: