Peel and Stick

So, what if half the peel and stick is not stuck to anything?

What about the roof deck connections - One nail per board <6" wide?



As that is a batten system, probably for a former wood shake roof, it should qualify for a swr credit. Are you sure it is only one nail per board?

1 x 6 was always nailed, at least what I was taught, 2 nails per board…

Added with edit: I see a nail that missed the truss. I am assuming that at one time, at least on nail was used to nail the board down. Therefore, you have 2 nails, that “technically” meet the requirement of the 1802.

And…did you measure the wood? Looks like 1 x 4 to me…

The batten is 2.5" wide - I have a photo of that. It is a new metal roof system - replaced an old metal roof system
and the requirement states only 1 nail needed for <6" wide

And those are sharpie marks on the rafter

Was a permit pulled for this roof?
If so,m it was required to be re-nailed.

Yes - A permit was pulled, but has not had a final inspection yet…

Was there a roof deck re-nailing affidavit attached to the permit?

And I have never seen 2.5 inch decking used for this application. The minimum that we used way back when was 4 x 1.

You would have had to been doing this one WAAAAAY back - it is a 1939 house…

Here is the measurement of the batten


Now we can start somewhere.
Way, way way back when, they used that system with a scalloped tin roofing system. Those systems were good for 100 years plus. In fact, there are several houses here in the Treasure Coast that still have the original roofs. Same as in New Smyrna and Ormand Beach.

Someone replaced that roof system with the newer metal roof. They removed the original paper, what was left of it,which probably wasn’t much, and used peel and stick as it was easier than weaving the tar paper. Then, I would have to guess, someone re-sheathed the roof using plywood. Then installed the new metal roof over that.

The peel and stick is not rated to be used on batten decking. It was more than likely used as a substitution for the tar-paper as it would be easier to apply. I would also make sure it is peel and stick and not 90lb or center cap.

I would check the permit information to see if there was re-nailing and the purpose of the peel and stick. I don’t know if it would qualifiy for an swr credit, but it is a “secondary water barrier”.

There is no roof deck credit for skip sheathing or batten decking…“A”. SWR is compliant with the 1802 and can be verified easily.

Dimensional lumber/Tongue & Groove
decking with a minimum of 2 nails per board (or 1 nail per board if each board is equal to or less than 6 inches in width).

The form says nothing about spacing…

Yes is does…it’s called batten decking and is in the selection for “A”. Batten decking isn’t even code compliant in FL unless another system is providing the required roof plane diaphragm.

Batten decking supporting wood shakes or wood
shingles. -

English must be your second language…make it work…

So I suppose 1x3 strips with one nail and set at 48" OC is ok with you, since “the form says nothing about spacing”. Get a grip Eric.

This is where the letter of the wording and common sense collide. If you are the “answer the question exactly how it is written” school, or the “what I interpret as the intent of the language” school…

I am submitting what I have according to my interpretation and let the underwriter sort it out…

Aren’t you and several others of the opinion that this isn’t a code inspection?

What does the form ask?

Brad is correct, This is in plain English in section 3 A.

Read the entire sentence. Don’t just take one word out of the sentence. That isn’t how the English language works.

Batten decking supporting wood shakes or wood
shingles. -

And, to go further, what do you think Batten decking is made of? I’ll give you a hint, the answer is in Section 3 C.

Eric, I got you, I didn’t read it further. However this kind of deck system should not be approved by the State of Florida. All decking should be butt up against each other with minimal gaps. I know it is probably not in the FBC. How could you lay felt on this if you didn’t use the peel n stick. The wind would push right under the board and lift them.