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''Colors of Heat'' Seminars

Learn about system piping, boiler sizing, troubleshooting and more. Detailed graphics make learning and understanding easy. And, you?ll receive a colorful, informative training manual for each seminar. Two seminars are being offered at each location. Cost for each seminar is $65.00. Participants will receive a training certificate for each seminar completed. Register today!

To register, call Peerless at 717-285-9345 or simply download the sign-up form, fill it out and submit it WITH YOUR CHECK.

Dates/Locations Morning Session
8:00 am to 12:00 pm Afternoon Session
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

March 26 - Seattle, WA AM - Water ($65) PM - 2-Pipe Steam ($65)
March 31 - Roanoke, VA AM - Water ($65) PM - 1-Pipe Steam ($65)
April 8 - Boyertown, PA AM - Water ($65) PM - 1-Pipe Steam ($65)
April 14 - Rochester, NY AM - Water ($65) PM - 1-Pipe Steam ($65)
May 18 - Milwaukee, WI AM - Water ($65) PM - 2-Pipe Steam ($65)
June 2 - Waterbury, CT AM - 1-Pipe Steam ($65) PM - Water ($65)

If you would like to order your own copy of the "Colors of Heat" training manuals (three separate books ? "The Color of Water, Piping and Designing Hydronic Systems," "The Color of Steam, One-Pipe Steam Systems," and "The Color of Steam, Two-Pipe Steam and Pumped Return") or the Flex-Heat Design & Application Guide, please click here for ordering information.

Hydronics Institute Seminars

The Hydronics Institute Division of GAMA offers training for plumbing and heating.

I will probably go down to Connecticut myself for this one, !! see you there



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I for one would love to attend the seminars as here we have a lot of those systems still in use. Any info on if and/or when they might visit in Calif?

Thank you

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I took the single pipe steam heat seminar put on by Peerless and found it to be very helpful. If anyone has any of these systems in your area like I do, I would think this would be the smartest move you ever made unless you were already an expert in that field in which case you really need it.

the more education the better!!!!!!!!1


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