Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors- May 5, 2007

Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors - May 5, 2007

Online Seminar - Cost $ 50.00 per person ( Limited to first 10 inspectors )

Location : at the comfort of your home in front of your very own PC or MAC

The first online seminar is scheduled for May 5, 2007, for those who are interested and have no attended my seminar in the past or had one cancelled recently and would like to attend please e-mail me at

Seminars@theelectricalguru.com and I will send you the credit card authorization form and required information.

  • You will need a PC or MAC connection to the internet and a free phone line to call into the conference call center to be LIVE with 10 others and me to hear my seminar, ask me questions and to interact in a live environement.

I will provide the information to log in 1 hour before the seminar starts and provide the conference call phone number to dial. I suggest using ( 10-10- 987 ) at only 4 cents a minute to conference call and no long distance provider is needed. The calls should only cost you about $ 15.00 dollars for the entire 4-5 hour seminar. ( depending on the number of questions asked )

Again this is limited to the FIRST ten people wanting to attend the seminar and contact me and I will e-mail you the authorization form you must fill out and submit atleast 5 days before the seminar date listed above.



This will be the last attempt…I am rescheduling the online seminar for May 12, 2007…if you miss that catch me at the Toronto Convention as this will be my last HI related educational outing for NACHI related vendors.

Visit http://www.theelectricalguru.com/onlineseminars.html for details

the online elec seminar is May 12? where & how do we get involved?



Only 50 bucks, sit in the comfort of your own home, get CE for many states…I can’t believe this was not filled within an hour of posting. How much easier could it get?

Paul’s electrical is a good seminar with alot detailed information, people really should take advantage of this opportunity.

I’m surprised too. I would have signed up in a heartbeat if I still had high speed internet.

Thanks Carol…but it is ok. As it really does give me a good prespective of my worth and it is all good.

I am gearing back to the industry I want to be at ( where I belong rather ) and in the next few months I will be on that path.

Cancelling the online seminar on May 12th…Scraping all future efforts on this.