Pending Home Sales Falls

US Pending Existing-Home Sales Fall 5.5%

Commercial inspections have increased here. I have a 20,000 s.f. building tomorrow and a 10 unit apartment building scheduled for next week. Last week was slower for home inspections but I was on vacation. Came home and got busy again, got to pay for my new ride.:wink:

That’s a GM (Government Motors) ride…you don’t need to pay for that.:wink:

I’m not gonna pay for it. I’ll file for bankruptcy, get food stamps, go on welfare and vote for Obama to get re-elected.

It’s the New American Way Linus :wink:

And pay for the gas to run that hog. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you bought a UAW manufactured automobile, you also contributed to Chairman Obama’s re-election campaign. Too bad you can’t write it off.

Nice ride Linas.:slight_smile:

very nice

But aint a Hem loli

Hey Country, what’s a Hem loli???

Pending, that is home under contract,that fall thru, it used to home inspectors that kill the deal, now it’s the banks!!