Personal Invite from me

This is a personal invitation from me, not the association.
PHPIC is holding our AGM Tuesday Dec. 17, 2013 8:30 am but try to get there a bit early.
2 locations:

<LI style=“MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px”>Louis’ Steak House, 1682 Cyrville Road, Ottawa, ON

  1. Black Bull Restaurant, 1124 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON.

If you are not a member but can attend our PHPIC AGM meeting and join PHPIC Tuesday Dec. 17, 2013, membership fee is $275 no tax, bring a cheque.

I will personally give you a $50 Petro Canada Gas Card as a gift.

After the Burlington meeting we will be discussing the issue of Home Inspector Licensing in Ontario.

If you ask why? It is because no one gives Home Inspectors anything and yesterday one client gave me a $20 tip, just makes me want to share.

Any questions email me at or call me at 905-633-8219

Merry Christmas
Allan Spisak

Merry Christmas Allan ,I see you are now not a member of NACHI .
To bad NACHI has much to offer and today is our Christmas party for all the NACHI members many thousand`s dollars in prizes for all.

The information I get says PHPIC is going no where and doing nothing .

I wonder why any one would join PHPIC when NACHI has much to offer and is not secretive open to all NON members too.

If you are not a member but can attend our PHPIC AGM meeting and join PHPIC Tuesday Dec. 17, 2013, membership fee is $275 no tax, bring a cheque.

Gee This sounds wrong to me ,That is similar to the guy who does inspections for cash and charges no tax .
Does not declare his income on it .
Things like this means the legitimate Home Inspector who claims all his income has to pay more taxes to help pay for the short call in Taxes paid to run our country.

PHPIC is a non-profit organization and as such does not collect or remit tax. Because we are a Canadian Association and all the various different Provincial taxes we do not want or need to deal with that aspect of being a tax collector.

As for where PHPIC is going and your notation of anything secret, PHPIC is trying to help inspectors who wish to make this occupation a career and give them guidance and help them with getting to the point where they are ready and capable to undertake a TIPR test inspection peer review through the NHICC. Anything that you may think is secret, I seriously don’t know of anything we do as an association that is not public knowledge.

Roy - I highly agree with you that there are many great benefits of joining NACHI and taking advantage of all the education, etc.

And for the welcoming of inspectors to join PHPIC, the more you affiliate, go to meetings, seminars engage good conversations with other inspectors, the better inspector you will become.

So I have made a very welcoming offer to my fellow inspectors and if anyone decides to come to our PHPIC meeting Tuesday Dec 17, you can also enjoy a free breakfast.

Let’s take a step back and focus on how we all can move the Home Inspection Industry forward in a positive fashion. That is all I have always tried to do.

All the best,
Allan Spisak


PHPIC is a not-for-profit organization and as such does not have to charge tax.

There is not many not-for-profit organization which does not charge tax for membership…

I wonder am I reading this differently then you .

status or directors and officers could be liable for criminal sanctions.
Excise Tax Act
Not-for-profit corporations are generally required to pay GST on most goods and services (and certain charities and not-for-profit corporations are entitled to some rebate of GST paid by them). Not-for-profit corporations may also be required to collect and remit GST on goods and services provided by them to the public.
One of the most common mistakes made by not-for-profit corporations is failing to collect and remit GST on membership dues or sales of items to members or clients. Whether or not GST is payable depends in part on whether members receive a mate-rial benefit as a result of their membership. Mere entitlement to receive a newsletter or other fringe benefit is not sufficient to make memberships subject to GST.
In some circumstances, the Excise Tax ActFootnote 21 imposes liability on the corporation and its directors personally for GST remittances. Such personal liability only arises, however, if certain steps - relating to registering and proving the debt and corporate dissolution or bankruptcy being underway Footnote 22 - have been taken.
In addition, directors have a due diligence defence similar to the one under section 227 of the Income Tax Act. Subsection 323(3) of the Excise TaxAct provides that a director is not liable for GST amounts due where the director exercised the degree of care, diligence and skill to prevent the failure that a reasonably prudent person would have exercised in comparable circumstances. Also, liability for any assessment of amounts payable by a person who is a director of a corporation expires within two years after the person ceases to be a director

You are.

Such a shame I can’t make it Allan.

I did book the morning off to help out but the last I heard from you was that you were going to leave this until January, so I informed the other members who were going to attend with me of your comments. I now have another appointment.

Hopefully Doug Kendal can make it and give you and any other inspector who turns up first hand info about the Panel meetings.

Merry Christmas.

Len - we didnt have enough time to put together a meeting for all inspectors so this was our AGM and introduction of the new Board of Directors for PHPIC. My intent was to help invite anyone who was interested in becoming a new PHPIC member.

After our AGM the inspector discussion was about insurance and customer claims, fees and services and misc.

I will get in touch with you for our next local meeting open to all inspectors and hopefully have a webinar so we can all discuss the Ontario licencing issue. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience on this panel as well as the CSA.

Merry Christmas Everyone and Have a Safe Holiday.
Allan Spisak

Thanks Allan I do appreciate your honesty (My intent was to help invite anyone who was interested in becoming a new PHPIC member. )
about coming to NACHI trolling for members .
I wish all your members where as honorable as you are in this instant.
I have wondered why some of your members do not want to be listed on the PHPIC web site.
I have been told there is some serious internal strife in the organisation.
I still see no advantage for any Ontario/NACHI member to join PHPIC at all this closed to none members .
NACHI has a forum open to all.
Please note PHPIC joining is $275.00 this is just start they want you to carry one to the (" PHPIC is not an association of associations……there are no provincial bodies in our corporate structure, thus eliminating provincial politics. We are not affiliated nor in competition with any existing home inspection association or organization. We are a National organization fully supporting the National Initiative and promoting the National Home Inspector (NHI) Program. Membership is open to every home inspector in Canada, no matter what affiliation he or she may or may not have, who wishes to achieve National Home Inspector certification.
“We are here to help”! ") cost a lot more then $1,000;00++++
Looks like being a CMI has much better return for your money.
This seems obvious to me as the CMI group continues to grow and all members are listed .

Below is NACHI discussion before on PHPIC .

I wonder why some come here asking to join their meeting but seldom do they give any info on how the meeting went and what info was passed on to help our industry .
Sad to see NACHI used this way .

Sad to see trying to buy members and not giving any answers on there December meeting tends to show me they might not being doing very well.
Strange how many who are members are not listed on their web site .

If you have any in Montreal Please let me know.