Pests or fungus?

Today’s inspection brought two things that I have not yet seen before. The subject house was a very nice craftsman built in the early 1920s.

Item 1: The first view pictures attached here are taken from the attic. On the edges of some of the skip sheathing it appeared that the wood was beginning to decay and long stringy fibers were found. In one of the photos you will note what appears to be bore holes from an insect.

Item 2: Near the water heater in the basement were what appears to be some type of insect cocoon or egg sac. It should be noted that moisture levels were extremely high in the walls directly above area, suggesting a pressurized water supply leak in the wall or possible roof leak. We’ll leave that bit to the professionals but I’m curious what the insects are.

Looking forward to your comments.

Looks like old house bore and fungus

Thanks for your input Wayne. Any idea what the last two pictures are?

High RH and conditions are all relevant.

Last 2 photos looks like moss forming. Organic growth
Again JMO.
Exterior photos?

Yes, the hairy stuff is a type of wood rot caused by high moisture content and fungi. I can’t find the name of it, but I came across the same thing two years ago and searched extensively to determine what it was. The photos are below. This was outside below a porch on a 100+ year old house. It can be a structural issue but primarily it is a moisture concern if present in the attic. Definitely evidence of high humidity at some point.

Oh, and the small eggs look a lot like pantry moths or meal moths. They like to be near dry food storage, was there any nearby?

Photos of insect larva would be great Mr, Anderson.

Google it, they are everywhere. I personally don’t have or take pictures of them, I kill them and throw out the pasta I was going to cook. (and gag a little) Frankly, they could be the eggs of a lot of different insects, that rice shape is pretty common in the world of larvae.

Makes sense.
I did not realized that the larva may have hatched or dried. That is why the casings are shaped that way.
I know Google is a great tool.
I do like personal files from others.
They are better sorted and referenced.
Thanks mate.