Wood Destroying Insects


I was Inspecting an attic on yesterday and discovered this insect in the attic. I am unsure on what type of insect this is. I would appreciate any advice or expertise.

Thank you

Is this a double posted question?

Looks like a roach egg sack.

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Thank you. I was having some technological difficulties.

Either an egg sac or pupal case, but doesn’t look like it is from any of the common wood destroying insects.

Thank you Mr. Henderson.

Roly Poly. They often invade crawl spaces, damp basements and first floors of houses at ground level. Frequent sightings of these usually means that there are large numbers breeding on the outside, close to the foundation. Typically however, if pill bugs enter a structure, they will often dry out and die.

Am I on Candid Camera?

That split truss member looks to be worth mentioning, planar deflection. Hard to tell from the pics, but possible roofing plane variation.

Of course I mentioned the split truss. Not sure about the roofing plane variation. Thanks for the feedback.

It looks to me as something else damaged the wood and a roach laid an egg sack in it.

Can not tell from the picture, but possible sideways force on the truss?

The roof shingles are wavy near the turbine vent. Typically that is hard to show in a picture, and that amount of variation off a straight line in a short distance makes me think that it was not due to an installer’s hangover.

I always check the 2 items above to see if they are in the approximate area, the one can cause the other.

Thought the same thing Roy, though WDO damage here is limited by the climate, so do not see it often.

Check out the ridge line, from a distance if possible, to see if it is straight.

Some Consider taking all pictures with the photo subject either plumb or level. It helps me decipher the condition back at the computer.

Thank you for the advice.