Phase 1- Pre Pour Inspection

I just completed my first Phase 1, Pre-Pour Inspection after taking several hours of training here in Texas, in addition to working for a builder for several years, prior to my inspection career. I am using the spectora software, and I am not seeing a template for Phase 1 inspections. I can create my own template on spectora, however this will take me several hours. Can anyone share a template? I spoke with spectora and they informed me that I could use templates from different software formats. I appreciate anything, anyone could send me.


Basically, I think you should have your own template to suit your needs and area of inspections.

Are you capable of making sure that what is on the ground subject to inspections is what on the design drawing for the home?

Are you inspecting to make sure and focusing on the items of structural integrity and compliance to local municipal codes?

If this is a foundation on grade, are you inspecting for debris, roots, integrity of the vapor barrier, proper sleeving and installation of rough plumbing penetrations?

Can you check and inspect for proper reinforcing bar patterns and sizes vs. the design drawings and proper splices for different bar diameters?

Some common slab configuration encountered have the following characteristics

  • 24-30 inch deep perimeter footer/beams with interior beams of the same depth (they look like trenches). Each of the beams has an upper an lower tendon (commonly referred to as a draped tendon).
  • 12-14 inch wide beams around the perimeter and interior of the slab
  • The sheathed tendons are generally supported on plastic chairs spaced at 4 feet on center
  • The interior pads are typically constructed to be 4-5 inches thick

If all of the above makes you feel comfortable in doing these inspections, go for it, but it also tells you and solidifies the necessity of having your own template for what you are inspecting.
If you want to be professional, take the time to do it properly and not rely on someone else’s template that will differ from what you do.

Good luck to you.

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Mr. Marcel,

I can truthfully answer yes to all of your questions. I believe you asked another inspector these same questions in a previous post. I have invested in myself by taking several professional phase inspection in-class courses, and I previously worked for a builder, and learned more than enough.

But I will take your advice and begin working on a template of my own, and hopefully, be able to share it with other up and coming inspectors.


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That is good and my point being was that it is always to have a template designed for your needs rather than using one that don’t really fit and has to get modified.
Good Luck.

Hi Gregory - Can you tell me where you did your training for a pre-pour inspection? Thanks in advance.

Real Estate Training Systems (RETS). The training was in Houston, Texas.

Thank you so much! I appreciate it.