Phishing Scam ???

Anyone else keep getting this email and another that is supposedly from the IRS? They have popped up in my Spam folder from the beginning and they are very suspicious. The one I recieved yesterday …

Funny, is a tax settlement advice website …:roll:

I got the same one yesterday for the same amount.

Think about it for a moment.

The IRS does not have my e-mail address. I never gave it to them.

The IRS does not communicate, in a legal fashion, with the public, but only by mail. Anything that is e-mailed is , pretty much, in the public sphere. Would the irs send out private, legal information in such a public way?

Is it the IRS?

Hope this helps;

Ah, the dweebs tried another IRS email scam last year …

I got one the other day - simply deleted it.
IRS will not initiate communication via email.
They may not email at all.

The real IRS encourages all to forward these IRS phishing scams to them

Instructions Here