PIC of recent MI Great Lakes (East) NACHI Chapter meeting/mold seminar. 50 attend.


We had over 70 people attend total between the two days.

We had 50+ people attend the first day of the chapter Event and over 30 people attend Pro-Labs Mold Class.

We all had a lot of fun!!

The farthest anyone came to be at the 2 day event was all the way from California for the mold class.

I have to check my paperwork but we even had 3 inspectors come from Canada. From the London & Niagara Falls Area.

I will post more soon!!

Grat’s on a very great job well done on your first Great Lakes East Nachi Chapter meeting. I really enjoyed myself. I hope that all that attended the meeting got the understanding, that not only are they getting support from Nachi, and the Great Lakes East Chapter. But from other Nachi state chapters as well. I was glad to be in attendance as a Ohnachi member to lend support. I know that Doug from Pro-Lab, Russel, and myself enjoyed ourselves. Keep up the great work.

russ jason.jpg

Man I am really getting to not like this photo setup on the BBS. Over half of my pics are to big for it. I cut it down to size and they just do not look good. :mad:

Mark, I think that photo looks good!

Anyone else, send me your photo’s. I ran my camera in video mode the whole time.

I just scanned through them. They look good, I just missed the last 5 min.

I hope to put some screen shots of it up here soon.

I sent several captioned pics in to HQ, but they never got posted.
Anyway, thanks for that one, Mark!

I added a few more to http://www.nachi.org/miglechapter2006.htm including one of you in action Russell.

I’m at sea and so my internet connection is shaky, can’t do pics easily.

The photo at the top with the caption “Packed House” is from the second day (Pro-Lab Mold Class). The first day we had all most 2 times as many in the room. 30 for the mold class and between 40 & 50 for the chapter meeting!

We had a nice showing!

Thanks, Nick!

Was really a productive 2 days.

:slight_smile: cool!