PICs: I completed this mining cart restoration.

Nice job
Looks like Rick has competition.

Rick -American restoration.jpg

Very Cool. How many gallons is that hat?

very nice

did You try taking that up a big hill and riding it down Indiana Jones style?..


It’s actually a hardhat. It was a gift from Jeffrey.

Nice picture Nick. Do you walk around Boulder with your gun and hat too?

Only allowed in Okla we now have open carry.

Just saying the word **I **means you personally restored that cart or does it mean you paid to have it restored:p

Wow just in time for the Nachi Christmas party , i new you needed something to haul all that stuff lolol

This year, I’m giving away a mining claim on this message board during our online Christmas party.

I see the man sweating at the task in the pictures.

Nick - That is an awesome find an looks great restored. So the gate flips to the rear in order to dump the load? Is the new home in your yard?

Does it have an old mine on it?

I can picture it with the girls in it, very nice!:twisted:

cool, looks nice.

I work with Nick every day. He works alongside his crew doing whatever they are doing. Last week he took a huge pile of scrap wood and ran it through a planer in our parking lot. He often comes to work covered in grease or saw dust.

Actually last year, I worked with him in his construction company. I didn’t think I’d ever say it, but it was really fun!