Gold hit another all-time high again today.

Onwards and upwards!

Wanna see gold prices go down? Build a house out of it and put a “For Sale” sign in the yard. LOL

Or peg it to the price of 4-point inspections in Florida.

There you go. Perhaps someone will lobby for a Gold Licensing Bill. That will work, too.

Let it go up and up sure it would tank everything else however if my new claim pays off like we think let her go…

Brian, I have 13 claims. I can’t take the small miner’s exemption because I’m over 10. If you know anyone who wants to buy 3 of them, let me know. I’m getting tired of paying the same annual fees as an international mining conglomerate.

Saving a pound of Gold for each year of inspections is a good goal. :slight_smile:
Some like a silver dollar for each inspection, I say do both.

Nick I will keep my eyes and ears open, Do you have any thing in CA or is it all in CO? CO may be good with all the political BULL CHET here in CA now they are trying to stop us dredging for 5 years…:twisted:

All 13 in CO.

next 1800, then 2k, then the moon!.. some are saying 5k is not out of reach…cant wait to hit bed rock in my new claim…hell yeah!