Pictures from SkyeTec training sessions

Hi to all,

As many of you know Skyetec have been running a series of training sessions throughout the Southeast training NACHI members exclusively to do some insurance inspections for them.

We ran a very successful program in both Southeast FL and the gulf states in the last year being the eyes and ears of the insurance adjusters for a very large insurance company, this program generated $200,000 of inspections for NACHI members and helped many out when there wasno other work around.

As they are now being asked by several different companies to supply inspectional services they are running sessions in 6 different states from Texas across the gulf and up the eastern seaboard to North Carolina.

In the past week we have trained 100 members in FL here are some pictures from a few of those events.

During this week we are finishing up training in FL and Alabama and next week we move into

  • Savannah GA
  • Charleston SC
  • Myrtle Beach SC*
  • Wilmington NC*
  • I still have some spaces left on some of these sessions.

lets hope that if we do end up with another bad storm season that NACHI members are still able to work in these areas. Skyetec is also looking for inspectors from these training sessions to take on other inspection work in both the IAQ and new contruction areas.