NACHI members needed for insurance inspections.

*Hi to all,

As many of you know NACHI and Skyetec have been developing a very good reputation with several larger insurance companies during the last year.

NACHI members (exclusively) have been working as subcontractors to Skyetec performing limited line item inspections on property damaged by both Hurricane Wilma and Rita. We have done around 4,000 inspections in the last year generating $160,000 of turnover for NACHI members.

With the start of this years Hurricane season we are going on the offensive with this program and will be running training programs throughout the Gulf regions throughout Florida and round to the Texas/Mexico border.

We will need a pool of NACHI certified inspectors in all these areas to cope with the type of weather that we experienced last year.

Here’s what’s in it for NACHI members: *

  • *$35-40 per 30 min inspection *

  • *Pre-booked scheduling *

  • *Flexibility of schedule (we can work in with your schedules) *

  • *No long term commitment *

  • *Work in your own areas *

  • Free training (CE qualifying)
    *What we will need: *

  • *Inspectors with computer & digital camera *

  • *Inspectors who can pass criminal background checks *

  • *About 4 hours of your time for training *

  • Reliability & presentability.
    *We will be running training sessions in FL, AL, and TX in the next month, here is the tentative FL schedule. *

  • *Ft Lauderdale 7/10/06 *

  • *Ft Myers 7/11/06 *

  • *Tampa 7/12/06 *

  • *Orlando 7/13/06 *

  • *Jacksonville 7/14/06 *

  • *Tallahassee TBA probably 7/17-18/06 *

  • Mobile AL TBA probably 7/18-19/06
    *We will also be in Texas during the week begining 7/17/06 at: *

  • *Beaumont *

  • *Bay City *

  • *Corpus Christi *

  • Harlingen
    *Members should consider getting prescreened and trained for this work, if these areas are hit as bad as they were last year, this and FEMA will be the only work around for a while.

Please email me full contact information to


*Please include Name, address, phone #'s, and emails.


Gerry Beaumont*
NACHI National Training Consultant
NACHI cell 484-429-5466

Hi to all,

Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in this scheme, I have recieved over 200 responses, please keep them comming.

I will be contacting everyone in the comming week about the location of the training events and sending out contactor information packs.

I look forward to working with you all.



Please use the 1st definition :smiley: :

It’s how I’ve experienced Gerry.

7 entries found for scheme.

scheme ( P ) Pronunciation Key]( | Meanings & Definitions of English Words) (sk


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v. schemed, schem·ing, **schemes **
v. tr.

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[Latin sch

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Main Entry: scheme
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Function: noun

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n 1: an elaborate and systematic plan of action [syn: strategy] 2: a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery [syn: dodge, dodging] 3: a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole; “a vast system of production and distribution and consumption keep the country going” [syn: system] 4: an internal representation of the world; an organization of concepts and actions that can be revised by new information about the world [syn: schema] 5: a schematic or preliminary plan [syn: outline, schema] v 1: form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner [syn: intrigue, connive] 2: devise a system or form a scheme for

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I still speak only English, and the first meaning was the one I mean’t :mrgreen:



Anything for Canada ?

Hello Gerry,
You not been around much last couple of weeks. Have you been out on your new yacht yet :slight_smile:

No Carl the damned thing still hasn’t been delivered :wink: , Actually I have been real busy with a couple of projects and right now I am up in Maine after teaching at the Portland NACHI chapter last weekend.



Call me when when you have got the bloody thing, I would like to go out on it. Maybe we could invite the Tampa Bay Bucks cheerleaders as well :cool:

Gerry, re insurance inspections, inspectors should be warned that they should be indemnified against prosecution. Insurance companies in California have attempted to prosecute inspectors over conditions that led to damage, ie mold. Remember, without the virtue of the “common law,” every inspector is a target.

Of course I am in Gerry. Just move the training towards the Carolinas. (preferrably Myrtle Beach). I’m there.


Shane, we will be heading your way in August. Do you want me to plan it around your new chapter, I’d be happy to do so.




My 1st meeting is July 10th. Whenever you plan on coming in August, I’ll plan my next chapter meeting around that. Just give me a heads up a couple weeks in advance so I can let NACHI members here know. By the way, I’ll touch base with all NACHI members who attend my 1st chapter meeting about these inspections and let them know you are coming. Thanks man.



thanks for that thought, however in this particular case the inspectors are not asked to make any “judgements” they are only asked to report on very specific line items as requested by the insurance adjusters (typically the # of square and type of covering on a damaged roof).

BTW, thanks to all who have signed up for the training sessions, we will have 170 inspectors in training next week covering the whole state of Florida and coastal Alabama.

I am still looking for enough inspectors in coastal Texas to make the program viable there, and as mentioned before we will be exanding this program up the Eastern seaboard shortly.