Pipe and electric wire

Doing an inspection, can’t find clear direction- this doesn’t look right- the electric wire , copper water lines and ABS waste line enter to a chase created between joists- is this allowed? I’ve seen where might be an issue with the electric wire , regarding insulating jacket/smoking, and also of course sharp tin, can’t find anything about the plumbing lines- it’s a return chase.

Thanks for any 57 55 commentary.

Pinching the cable like that can obviously eat into the insulation and cause a short. Furthermore, there are special rules that apply to running wire inside a joist space used as a plenum.

You say chase, but this looks more like a HVAC plenum return.

^^^^^ Yes, Simon and Jim are right on the button. ^^^^^

Thank you - any comments on the copper water lines and abs waste pipe ? - besides rendering the duct less effective with the holes

Were those all running into plenums on the return side? And how old on the house?

I have never seen anything written about return plenums not being allowed piping and/or cabling through them.

The NEC does not permit NM cable to be run within a space that is being used for environmental air. There is an exception when the cable runs perpendicular to the joist or stud space.

300.22© Other Spaces Used for Environmental Air (Plenums). This section shall apply to spaces not specifically fabricated for environmental air-handling purposes but used for air-handling
purposes as a plenum. This section shall not apply to habitable rooms or areas of buildings, the prime purpose of which is not air handling.
Informational Note No. 1: The space over a hung ceiling used for environmental air-handling purposes is an example of the type of other space to which this section applies.
Informational Note No. 2: The phrase “Other Spaces Used for Environmental Air (Plenum)” as used in this section correlates with the use of the term “plenum” in NFPA 90A-2015, Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, and other mechanical codes where the plenum is used for return air purposes, as well as some other air-handling spaces.
Exception: This section shall not apply to the joist or stud spaces of dwelling units where the wiring passes through such spaces perpendicular to the long dimension of such spaces.

Yes and the house is about 36 years old

Looks like it would serve me well to refamiliarize on the electrical. Appreciate the heads up

Thank you- not knowing if the cable runs parallel or perpendicular with the joist as it is hidden by the sheet metal -not sure if I should call out anything then- perhaps passing under sharp metal?

If it comes out on the straight across other side of the next joist over, it is okay. if not, it runs with the long dimension and is not okay.

Thank you Larry et al