Electric wires through AC Ducts

  1. Is there a code against this?

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Hi Bill, yes there is.

There used to be an exception for return air chases between joists but I believe that has now gone as well.

[Correction] Bill here’s the code (2008):
NEC 300.22 **Type NM cable shall not be installed in spaces specifically fabricated for
environmental air, but may pass perpendicular through joist or stud spaces used as such.



I write it up just because it not a good idea to have wires running in duct work do to fires and melting wire , another problem is the drastic changes of temperature will effect the insulation of the wires, Seeing we are not code keeper but observers I would write up needs review of qualified license contractor CYA. It also depends on local codes

Thanks Gerry.

I forgot to mention the vibration wearing through the insulation

I see conduit, not NM cable. If it is an actual conduit run there is no issue.

The fire issue is moot because fires happen everywhere, not just in ducts.

I would almost bet that conduit is not run through

Could be. That is why I wrote “If it is…”. :wink:

Good catch Pete, I missed that :frowning:



To tell the truth i did too but i had a quick recover lol
I just feel it is not a good practice