Piping Support?

(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #1

Well is it too far?

(Jay Moge) #2

Brian, is that type "k" or what. i do like the bowing.

(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #3

PEX. My guess is it needs supports every 32". I need to get a code book.:)

(Jay Moge) #4

yeah, let me know if you find a code for that. i'd guess it should at least follow a frame member a be secure every 32'' or so. there is a perfectly good truss there they could have put a strap to and clamped it too.

(Jason A. Sieg, CMI) #5

I have no idea either, but 32" would be nice...

Do we have any plumbers out there?

(Jay Moge) #6

"dtdtdtdtdtdt" "dtdtdtdtdtd" "dtdtdtdtdtdt".....(those are cricket sounds)

(David P. Valley) #7

I just attended a PEX seminar Thursday evening.

Here's the info you need...

For Horizontal runs...Pexcel tubing (the black piping-used for plumbing only) must be fastened at 32" intervals. The FostaPex (the silver coated piping-used for heating and plumbing) must be fastened at 36" - 48" intervals. Both must be fastened utilizing plastic (ONLY) U-clips or clip fasteners.

Vertical runs must be fastened at 48" intervals.

I was told that plumbers like overusing these clips and installing them at 30" intervals (which is fine) due to the sagging that occurs in between fasteners.

(Kevin P. Williams, RETIRED) #8

Dave, u da man , thanks :D

(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #9

Thank you David, as the span was about 8' I felt safe calling out the need for more supports.

(David P. Valley) #10

8 feet???? You've got to be shi++ing me.

And there was no sag in that piping? There had to be.

(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #11

Did you see the photo?

(Jay Moge) #12

Hay Dave... thanx home boy. (i'm trying to be "cool" like my kids) are ya down wit dat?? Fo-shizzle my-nizzle.

(Shawn Rowe) #13

I especially like the way they lay across the ductwork .

(David P. Valley) #14


Wow, that photo blew right by me. I never paid attention to it.

Without even considering the attachment clip requirements, I would have red flagged it either way.

(David P. Valley) #15

Hey Snoop Dog....I mean Jay.

Bow wow wow, yippee yo, yippee yay.

"Whassup Dog?

(Jay Moge) #16


(Dean Call) #17

Even every 32" is a bare minimum on PEX.
(That's just my opinion)

(Jay Moge) #18

clients usualy like facts, either from a book or from profesional knowlage. when quoting bare minimums, opinions usualy don't hold water. don't get me wrong, i agree with you, i just think you might wanna leave the word opinion off of a report, unless the word "profesional" is in front of it.:D ;) :cool: