Piping Support?

Well is it too far?

Brian, is that type "k" or what. i do like the bowing.

PEX. My guess is it needs supports every 32". I need to get a code book.:)

yeah, let me know if you find a code for that. i'd guess it should at least follow a frame member a be secure every 32'' or so. there is a perfectly good truss there they could have put a strap to and clamped it too.

I have no idea either, but 32" would be nice...

Do we have any plumbers out there?

"dtdtdtdtdtdt" "dtdtdtdtdtd" "dtdtdtdtdtdt".....(those are cricket sounds)

I just attended a PEX seminar Thursday evening.

Here's the info you need...

For Horizontal runs...Pexcel tubing (the black piping-used for plumbing only) must be fastened at 32" intervals. The FostaPex (the silver coated piping-used for heating and plumbing) must be fastened at 36" - 48" intervals. Both must be fastened utilizing plastic (ONLY) U-clips or clip fasteners.

Vertical runs must be fastened at 48" intervals.

I was told that plumbers like overusing these clips and installing them at 30" intervals (which is fine) due to the sagging that occurs in between fasteners.

Dave, u da man , thanks :D

Thank you David, as the span was about 8' I felt safe calling out the need for more supports.

8 feet???? You've got to be shi++ing me.

And there was no sag in that piping? There had to be.

Did you see the photo?

Hay Dave... thanx home boy. (i'm trying to be "cool" like my kids) are ya down wit dat?? Fo-shizzle my-nizzle.

I especially like the way they lay across the ductwork .


Wow, that photo blew right by me. I never paid attention to it.

Without even considering the attachment clip requirements, I would have red flagged it either way.

Hey Snoop Dog....I mean Jay.

Bow wow wow, yippee yo, yippee yay.

"Whassup Dog?


Even every 32" is a bare minimum on PEX.
(That's just my opinion)

clients usualy like facts, either from a book or from profesional knowlage. when quoting bare minimums, opinions usualy don't hold water. don't get me wrong, i agree with you, i just think you might wanna leave the word opinion off of a report, unless the word "profesional" is in front of it.:D ;) :cool: