Pit full of water

Can anyone tell me what this is? It is a sloped pit full of water and appears to be roughly a foot deep. This is from the basement of a home built in 1890.

Cistern to collect rain water?

Humidifier, can also serve as an indoor pond for Koi :shushing_face:


That was my initial thought but cisterns are typically a lot larger I thought.

No matter what its original purpose, it is now a bad idea and should be eliminated in some fashion, by pumping, sump pit and pump, or something else.


Agreed. That is what was put in the report. Thanks

It is where you would shovel coal into a coal-fired furnace.


Is that a drain at bottom? If it is, then it’s a blocked drain.

From here in SW Ohio that appears to be a pool of water, :nerd_face: most likely as a result of a either a clogged drain or a clogged or collapsed lateral.

I recommend lateral inspections on every home that is 25 YO or older.

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What is that? Did you get an idea of what it might be?
Water pit

Homes built in 1890 relied on coal to heat rooms. Just a guess but it could be a coal pit.
How many chimney flues?

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It is a cistern for when it was cold out. The family’s livestock would be brought in, down a stone ramp and this would be their water supply. Have seen several of these. Sometimes it was warmer and cheaper to have the animals in the basement than building a barn.


Afternoon, Brian.
To me, it looks like a garbage can lid.
Hope that helps.

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Pollywog eggs. :roll_eyes:


I was just doing some Google searching on “basement cistern” and my vote is for the 19th century cistern.

Under garbage can lids? :thinking: