Cistern Full Found In Crawlspace

I found a old cistern of water under the house. It was next to where the main drainage pipe went into the septic. I was giving the area extra attention because I wanted to see if the septic tank was actually under the house. I still don’t know the answer to that. I almost pooped myself crawling around down there because I started crawling on a piece of plywood and realized it was hollow. I thought I was on top of the Septic tank and could fall through. But it was just this cistern. The water in it was crystal clear. Could see right to the bottom. Box was about 8x8X8. Maybe a little bigger. My immediate concern is a kid or pet falling in and drowning. Cover the hole and secure it and that is fixed. Is it possible that thing is still used? Water was running dry when I was there. The owner and the buyer thought it was the pressure tank. I don’t think the two issues are connected but obviously not entirely sure. It did appear to be the pressure tank. I don’t even really know who to recommend for such a thing. I told them I wasn’t sure if pumping and filling was actually the best solution. It has existed for almost or more than a hundred years like this. There was no mold anywhere. The floor was dirt and damp. I was actually pretty amazed at the condition of the wood underneath the floor above. I am worried that the idea of pumping and filling could cause mold or structural damage from displacing water. The customers are electricians. They were understanding about everything and it didn’t really deter them from wanting to buy the house. I didn’t want to give them a nothing burger in their report about this though. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

As a home inspector, you may make any recommendation that you want.

So, go for it, Ryan. :smile:

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I think this needs to be mentioned in the report for you do not want to be responsible for any adverse conditions that may arise from the unknown.

Underground storage tank or cistern observed. Unable to determine if the tank was obsolete or currently in use due to visual limitations such as buried piping or components. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified plumbing contractor and act upon any prescribed repairs or corrections.


Underground storage tank or cistern observed. These systems are outside our standards of practice and was not evaluated.


This is great thank you

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Brian did well for you, Ryan! :+1:

Thanks for your help