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I inspected a home for my client with the sellers agent in the home at the time of the inspection. Afterwards (days) I get an e-mail from the sellers saying that I left a GFCI outlet off and did not reset it. They said that their patio refrigerator had $100.00 worth of Crab Legs in it and that they want me to pay them $100.00 to settle this in the least expensive way. I tested the GFCI’s in the home and am sure that I reset them all. When the guy e-mailed me I suggested checking the GFCI outlet in the garage and resettin:roll: g it if it was tripped. He said that solved the problem. The guy was upset so I tried to be helpful. Now he sends me this letter telling me his attorney agrees that I am responsible. Guys, I am sure that the outlets were reset when I left. This is the seller. How on earth do I deal with this?

Paul, you say “I am sure,” which is not definitive enough. While I won’t tell you what to do, I would pay it in a heartbeat and hope that it comes back to me in good karma. I wish you well.

Real quick .I would say gee I AM sorry to hear that can I come up and see you right now .
I have at this time not committed to any thing but get up there fast as possible .
Listen to the hair on the back of your neck If you have any dought pay them immediately offer them more then they ask for to cover any inconvenience.
You will be a hero they will never forget you NEVER!

</IMG>Roy Cooke Sr

HI Paul

First of all I doubt that he spoke with an attorney. I would ask the seller if he knew that it was plugged into a GFCI circuit. If he knew that it was, then I would have to tell him that I did not feel responsible since he knew that he was taking that chance with having it plugged into that circuit. Was the seller at home during the inspection? When I am at a home where the seller is not present I always leave a tent card behind that tells them that I have tested outlets and changed settings in the home during my inspection. That they should go through the house to insure that everything is set to their preference.

Needless to say it is a tough call. I would have to consider how much work I get from the buyers agent before making a decision. If you choose not to pay it I am sure that the next call will be to the buyers agent.

Good luck

Let us know how it turns out.

Greg what A great idea ( I always leave a tent card behind that tells them that I have tested outlets and changed settings in the home during my inspection.) Would it be possible to get a copy of you card and can I use it to .
Roy Cooke sr

Sellers agent was there. My clients agent was there. My client was there. The sellers agent locked up. I was there approx 2+ hours. I always reset the GFCI’s. It is always because I trip the bathroom or exterior outlets and need to reset them to test the next one and so on. There is no way that I left the GFI off. I know you guys think I should pay this guy but he has complained about everything. He complained that I suggested his roof be further evaluated when there was collapsing above the soffit that you could see from the road. Imagine when I got up there!! He complained that I left fingerprints on his glass dining room table. I do not inspect tables! I was no where near the table. That was where his agent sat!! The deal fell through and I think he is mad at me. So far I like Greg’s advice. Should we poll it?

Spoke with buyers agent. She thinks the guy is nuts!

On one side I have all of my Company and Contact info. The other side has the following info.

Thank you for allowing us in your home to perform the inspection.
During our inspection we operate all of the systems of the home and adjust the settings on many of the systems. We do our best to put all settings back to their original position. Please take a few moments to insure that all GFCI circuits are on and that the systems are set to your comfort.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Greg Bell

With that being the case I would tell him that I don’t feel responsible.

Gets interesting . Sorry I forgot to say when I got back to the home I would ask to see the Bad stuff and would want to look in the fridge if it had stuff in it I would become very suspicious. . Hearing more I would more the likely not pay The hair on the back of my head would be very suspicious . Thanks for more info Roy Sr

also Paul, Even if you did reset it after testing, It is very common that a freezer plugged into a GFCI will trip again after the Inspector leaves. This happens all to often and it always seems that there is some type of exotic food in the freezer that the Inspector ends up paying for. I have heard this from numerous people.
The Tent card is a must for this exact thing on letting the owner know he needs to keep an eye on it as it will most likely trip later that day. Also the tent card can warn the owner on why he shouldn’t have the freezer plugged there. I know this info is too late for you now.
I also like the suggestion from Roy on getting over there immediately after the complaint. Then you can confirm what was really in the freezer. I also agree with Greg Bell that I doubt this guy talked to a lawyer about a $100 worth of food.

Thanks guys. This was my first unsatisfied non customer. Her’s to em! Seriously. I try very hard to be very thorough and respectful. This burns me. Thanks for all of your valuable input.

Paul, the story is getting better and better. The guys sounds like a real Richard, but that’s just another reason why I would happily pay to get him out of my life. Of course a letter would accompany the check noting his numerous frivolous complaints, and indicating that by endorsing my check he is also agreeing to end his bickering or petty complaints.

Why is a refrigerator on a GFCI, is it not a motor load and prone to tripping?

I’ve heard that many times and I believe that something else may be wrong with the circuit if it keeps tripping a GFCI.

I’ve had compressors, freezers, refers and the like plugged into GFCIs over the years and have not experienced the problem you describe.

But the thread…I’d go over, assess it and him and may follow Keith’s advice with a certified letter (signature required) and check while not admitting fault. :wink:

Now I feel like I need to take pictures of the contents of freezers…

I hate to pay for crab legs when they really had hamburger and ice pops.

One note about those 3-light testers, it is easy to accidently press the button when pulling those out. If you are no where near the GFI to hear it trip it could be off from the last outlet you checked. Been there and done that. I always check the fridge and freezer again to make sure they are on.
But this will not stop a dishonest claim… But pictures of the hamburger might …

I check freezers and fridges before I leave.

I am with Brian K… I check all before leaving…Why?

A few years ago I tripped a GFCI in garage with freezer, cost me $240 in frozen seafood that THEY caught. Can’t argue, I was wrong.

PAY THE $100, look at as public relations and a learning lesson, it could have been $240. Good luck!

Probably about 4 years ago, i paid $50.00 for 6 TV dinners. $100 for the crab legs sounds about right.

The report did recommend the fridge not be on a GFI, and everything was on when i left. The lady, who was only there on weekends until the house was sold, didn’t believe me it was a GFCI because it didn’t “have those little buttons”. I stopped by for a demonstration and to hand deliver the check for $50.00. The realtor was so annoyed at her and the value she put on the 6 dinners that he wanted to pay it. Thanks anyway…

Adam, A Plus

Paul do not offer anything.