Angry Seller Agent

Got a call today from the sellers agent angrily and unprofessional in nature wanting me to revisit the house and “explain” some issues I found. I told her it would be 75.00 dollars for me to do it. She then basically said she would black ball me in her office. Any body ever dealt with this?

You have no obligation to the sellers or any agents. I wouldn’t have quoted a revisit fee since it would go against the COE to talk about the report with them (unless written approval from your clients). Over time, you will be faced with a few upset/angry people because “you” cost them the sale. Can’t make everybody happy :slight_smile:

Yea I agree but boy it really pissed me off!!

Contact your client, and his/her REA. Let them handle it.

I’d leave the buyer out of it and just inform the buyers agent.

I don’t get contacted much by the seller side of things but was last week.
Seller wanted me to talk to her contractor as I’d written up a beam under a her deck that was showing some pretty serious deflection. Contractor was citing code and I’m telling him that I don’t do code inspections, all I report is what I see!

When someone may be offering me a free education. I typically listen no then research what they said. If, I am proven wrong, I will then write an addendum to the report.

On one hand, I completely agree, go ahead and learn. But best practice and still barely meet code aren’t the same thing.

I still suggest GFCI’s in older homes, I do also put in there that it isn’t incorrect or required…I’ve suggested a handrail on a rise less than 30 inches too, same added part about not a true requirement…

Hi Russ,

In this case the contractor was dead wrong.

Jason …

You did right. Time is money … MY money. I’m not a repair guy, I’m selling my time and my opinion. I sold it to MY client, the BUYER. He or she didn’t seem to have questions, so maybe the Listing Agent ought to be calling them for clarification. Way back about 25 years ago I’ve done this sort of thing AND almost 100% of the time ALL they really wanted to do was ARGUE with me on whether something was wrong OR since its worked for 12 years wrong WHY should they change it, etc, etc.

Life’s too short for that AND my basic personality does NOT allow for me to put up with time stealers, SO the conversations often got rather heated VERY quickly.

Therefore I personally find it best to call my CLIENT, tell him / her what transpired and let them decide if they wanta call the LA or if they want me to go back out AND if I do … My FEE is $159 p/hr payable in advance before I go.

The CLIENT or their REA always seem to get it worked out with the LA, and I have NOT gone back in over 15 years to EXPLAIN / ARGUE with LA.

IF they start getting NASTY or demeaning or threaten to Blackball us … I record the call, make copies AND send to their Broker AND ask for immediate written apology OR a formal complaint will go to local AND state Realtor Boards. OR if I’m in a really generous mood, I might politely tell the yelling REA that I don’t put up with that crap AND politely suggest they go home and yell at the dog, cat, kids, wife, hubby OR anybody but me … Then I politely tell them goodbye and hang-up.

Too many of our members think its good business or customer relations to tolerate this type behaviour … I don’t

I got a call yesterday from a sellers agent because I found asbestos in the $850,000 home my client was going to buy. Sure ruined her day when lab results confirmed it was asbestos and the buyer backed out of the deal.

Where did you find asbestos in a 850k home?