Please help with ideas

Hello guys,

I’m having Robert H, build me two new sites, with the idea of having about 20 total through him. I currently have about 20-30 inspector sites.

I’m looking for constructive critiquing please. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated. The site is in the early stages.

Keep in mind this is a commercial inspector website. Thanks in advance.

Looks nice. I’m not sure I see anything to critique. :slight_smile:

Looks good. Nice job Robert and Ray

Okay, a couple critiques. The three titles across the top just below the photo of the cityscape; the first two look like titles to the two columns of bullet points. Some delineation of those might help.

Also the font spacing of the letters in the top left title need to be adjusted. It looks a little like “A TLANT A” and “BUIL DING”.

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Very good points, Cameron. I’ll change the font for the SEO text at the top-left, and I’ll put a shadow border below the quick-links.

Ray I looked at you Photo gallery and all I saw was residential pic

Hey Charlie,

Yes, not complete yet. I have to get Robert some commercial defect photos. Maybe a short video or two.

I have lots of content to add yet.