New Websites Critique and Link Exchange Request

I’ve been working on some new HIP websites and would like some critiques on how I’m doing so far. I would like some more link exchanges too. Thanks.:wink:

Nice Linas! I noticed the first four have “Home” on the home page. I assume for “home page”??? I think they all look good and the first one is a good eye-catcher (colors). Good job!

Thanks Robert.

All of them look good Linus. The only suggestion I would make is think about using the term “property inspections” versus “home inspections”. Just seems to me the term property is more inclusive. Besides that nice job on the sites.

Which building in Chicago is that in the third one. :slight_smile:
Just started my 2 sites yesterday, so I need to cut and paste a few off yours.
Hurry up will you.

:slight_smile: Pages load fast. Lots of good info.
A couple of minor gripes for ya - Photo Gallery takes a minute or so for each pic, can they be made smaller?
I like to see links to other pages on the left, yours are on the right on your top website, with none across the top. So at first it looked like a one-page web to me.
The black background is ok, but I actually missed your phone #'s at first, maybe put them in a white box?
Can you separate the general news stories from the stuff that makes your services stand out? Maybe highlight the features you provide? JMO cuz you asked.

John Kogel

While property is more inclusive, it’s not what clients search for. I’d make sure to include home inspections and then add commercial property inspections if your’re aiming for commercial.

Hello Linas
The last website needs to be sized better. The box on the left runs into the main body, cutting off the start of the wording, at lest it does when I pull it up?

I like the coloring on the first site mainly because I used the same color for 3 years :mrgreen:;I have changed it though this year. Did you get that templete from yahoo?

They all look good.


Aha! Good to know. Thanks for the info Dominic.



I tried to find your e-mail address on the first site to e-mail to you.

I have 3 sites I’d like to link with you. I can e-mail them through the email on this board. Thought you might want to have your e-mail available to clients who find your site.

Sorry if I just missed it… some things are hard to find


Linas someone told me the population of Chicago is large than the State of Oklahoma and I agree but can you explain the advantage of 5 sites why so many, just curious. I read on Hub-Spot where the search engines do not penatlize you unless you have over 77 letters in your title name what about adding thermal infrared imaging to your titles just a thought advertise what you offer up front and on top.

I think everyone should stick to no more than 2 sites.:slight_smile:

Bob there should be a reason for thinking so why do you think that???:smiley:

Thanks Rick,
I’ll set up an e-mail button. I’ll contact you later today or tomorrow to exchange links.

Thanks Charlie, I added that and we’ll see how it works. I did a thermal energy scan for an Inn in Chicago yesterday. My client said he used the keywords “infrared home inspection” to find me.


A client isn’t going to go past the first page of Google. Google also doesn’t like adding a single page more than once onto the first page (it does it, but rarely). Some of the guys have managed to put themselves onto the first page multiple times which pushes their competitors out.

Chicago is big. But there’s also a ton of suburbs surrounding it. By utilizing multiple sites you can target each site to different cities, boosting their rankings and your overall stats. Plus I gave him one site free :mrgreen:

I have been doing the same thing with my silly little posts over in the thermal imaging thread, that thread has been showing up here in oklahoma within 2 hour after posting and pushing my competitors around I just did it for a test and it is working somewhat :D:shock:

The Google spiders love the NACHI site, works great :slight_smile: