please help

can someone help me??
label says 100amp but i believe it the main disconnected it is 50amp

any thoughts please??

Can’t tell from the picture but if the main disconnect is 50 Amp then report it as such.

thank you

It is not a good idea to guess.
It appears to be a split bus panel. I’m on my phone now so it is hard to see with these old eyes.
If so, then the Panel Rating and SE Conductor Size would help in determining the size. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s a split bus panel. OK I’m guessing but it appears that the SE conductors are 100 amps.

There is no main disconnect in this split bus panel. Go by the conductor sizing.

There’s a lot of rust in that panel enclosure, certainly enough to warrant further evaluation from a licensed electrical contractor. Don’t be too concerned with ticking boxes and miss what’s really important…

Not in my book. Where do you see the “rust.”

Guess in my old age I see this not technically as a Split Bus type panel but I guess that’s a debated thing…i don’t worry about those semantics anymore. I would have to look at the circuit legend to quantify this as to be it looks like a bus-fed panel and I would not right off the bat call it a split-bus…but that’s me.

So being that as it may - I would go by the capacity of the service conductors that are supplying the panel to make that initial call then consider the following.

  1. Service Conductor Size
  2. Try to determine what the legend says regarding it’s design (if possible)
  3. Try to see if the enclosure or bus has a rating (legend possibly…but might not be possible with older equipment)

Rely less on the circuit breakers to determine the ratings…because to be honest they are running the full monty in that enclosure. Stick to what can be proven…if the conductors supplying the panel are rated for 60A or 100A…that should be your capacity if that it what you are required to denote.

The single photo doesn’t show much detail but there are four lugs on the bus how could it not be a split bus?

If you are willing to take the time to explain, I’m certainly willing to hear it and learn. I was under the impression that the 50Amp breaker with the partial tie bar was feeding the two lugs on the upper portion of the bus.

Yep, I’d be interested in learning, too…:slight_smile: